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Quit Bad Habits – The Ultimate Cheat Sheet in 10 Insane (But True) Steps

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We are almost 100% sure that there isn't a living man who doesn't want to quit bad habits, either those were smoking, alcohol, sweets or whatever is a bad habit for you. But let's face it, it's damn difficult to quit bad habits no matter how hard you try.

In order to achieve the desired results and finally free yourself from your bad habits you need to look deeply in yourself. Use all the willpower you have, kick out the doubts and fears how you won't succeed and imagine the goal you want to accomplish. Only on that way you will effectively break bad habits.

addiction_chocolateIf you want to really succeed and quit bad habits here is our 10 steps guide which will help you achieve what you've imagined. Practicing more of them you increase the chances of success, so the choice is yours.

1. High level motivation is a must

People think that motivation like "I'll quit smoking because it's bad" is not a strong factor. But if you paraphrase it like "I'll quit smoking because it's killing me, my kids are living in smoke because of me and probably they'll smoke as an adults" it's the kind of motivation that will finish the job and make you feel guilty.

2. Make a huge, massive commitment

The first step is done! You are armed with the right motivation and all you need to do is to make massive commitment. After your motivation is clear and defined, you need to commit to it at the very first moment. Do not make the mistake and advise yourself "Do it tomorrow" because it won't work. Include someone close to you whom you feel comfortable with and share your successes and fails with him. You'll feel much better.

3. Search and define the trigger points.

What triggers your bad habits? If you want to quit bad habits you need locate what events cause them and prevent those events from happening. Maybe you take a cigarette when you are bored (that's one trigger), or after you ate your dinner (another trigger). Observe yourself for a week and write down the triggers on a paper. Become more aware of them and simply avoid them.

4. What needs are satisfying?

There must be something that satisfies you and for that reason you continue repeating it. There is some dirty pleasure isn't it? Now, to prevent these "dirty needs" work out this step with the third one from our guide on how to quit bad habits. Next to each trigger, write the pleasure that follows. Next, think of ways that will help cope with them.

5. Replace each habit trigger with wise replacement

What would you do about if your bad habit is taking a cigarette when you feel stressful? Just to stop taking, the need behind the habit will stay unfilled, so you need to make something else instead like short walk stress ball or something which won't bring you back you bad habits.

6. Observe the urges and delay them! How to do this when you are trying to quit bad habits?

Simply make delays, if you feel like you need a cigarette tell yourself that you will take next time, but not this time and so one when it occurs again. Or you can call someone close and talk about your urge. You'll feel the release.

7. When you come to trigger point, start with your new habit!

It will happen, and it will continue happening in near future. It won't be easy and it will demand a lot of conscious effort but you must strive to quit bad habits. If you feel like you need a cigarette, instead of it take a chewing gum. Make your new habit and stay committed.

8. Be cautious about your thoughts

We justify bad habits with our thoughts. Observe your thoughts and locate the excuses you are making for not quitting. Don't believe your rationalizations. Never make excuses.

9. Make the quitting on a gradient scale

If you have some big bad habit it's almost impossible and only few will succeed to quit it instantly. For example, if you smoke 20 cigarettes per day start by lowering on 15. Then to 10 and so on, to the point when you'll totally quit from this bad habit. It's more efficient and the chances for succeeding are way higher.

10. The most important step, learn from your mistakes

We know that it's really difficult for many of us to learn from our own mistakes. If you improve your plan on how to quit bad habits and improve it constantly over the time you will effectively deal with them. But first you must be honest, admit your mistakes and accept them as they are. Next, work on them to prevent them of occurring again. Only on that way you'll break everything you don't want as a part from your life.

At the very end of our guide we want to say that it wouldn't be easy, it will be difficult, it will demand a lot of hustle. But if you dedicate yourself and want to do something good for yourself just stay committed. If you have a different guide or advises how to quit bad habits please share it with us and our appreciated audience, we'll be grateful. We just want to help.

Stay strong and committed and you'll never need to deal with bad habits again. Above that you can help the people you care about to break their bad habits.

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