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What to do when we have no goals, no dreams and no ambition?

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Big results require big ambition. "“ Heraclitus

Wake up.

We see the people who have no ambition. We see the demoralized. We see men crippled by mountains of problems and sorrow temporarily relieved with alcohol and strong narcotics. Men lingering over mundane things without thinking about what is really important.

Men seeking deliverance through their lowest desires and pleasures. They can't stop to move, to play or to be distracted for a moment because they are afraid of what they might see. If they start to think about their own condition their reaction can be so violent that they need medication to control themselves.
We see men anaesthetized and sleeping. All they think about is the next paycheck and the next episode of their favorite soap. They get involved into gossip and small talk because there is nothing interesting into their own lives to talk about.

goalsWe see men roaming the streets as dead corpses. All they are secretly waiting for is to be relieved from their coffin of flesh. Hopes are lost and life is no more than a curse. Life is full of "˜'what ifs" but deprived from proper plan or strategies. They have no ambition. No goals. No dreams. Thus, they are already dead.
Under piles of negativity and fears there are our dreams and goals. Everytime, there was a sprout within us, we snatch it and put it into the garbage. Who would not when we are afraid and we fear the light as much as we fear the darkness?

We want to see no more of the truth. We have built a wall before our eyes. We have built a fortress around our hearts. We forgot who we were because we have been slowly programmed since our birth to behave in certain ways and in some occasions our parents or our environment thought they had a greater plan for us than what we had in our heart. I am not saying this so we can feel sorry for ourselves and our past. But we should not put the blame on someone else's fault when the rudder is in our own hands.

I don't believe the man who says he has no goals, no dreams and no ambition. What does the kid within him as to say about this? Didn't he have some in his youth? Was his goal instead to be tormented by the mundane things of life and being only the shadow of himself?

There is a seed within us. All it want is to be nurtured and watered. That seed within us wants to germinate and grow. The seed will always remain in us. It won't dry up and die. We will dry up and die but not the seed. This is when we have regrets and are concerned about all the things we haven't done that could have changed our lives completely. We wanted to move but we felt paralyzed by an obscure force"¦

The seed we have inside resembles the seed of a plant or a tree. It can take years before it is planted, but once it is planted in good earth and watered sufficiently it will take what is necessary to grow. As much as the seed within us wants to sprout, if we listen to it, it will grow up into a tree to a point it will go through the clouds and reach the stars and heaven. We must not fear this seed. We must not fear what the almighty power as given us when we were born. But to find what is inside us, we need to remove the excess. We need to remove the piles of wastes that are contaminating the soil which prevent the seed from germinating and grow.
Up to this moment, we thought or we have been told what our seed had to be. Our schools knew what we had to do with our life, our parents knew what we had to do with our life, and our enculturated environment knew what we had to do with our life. We have been pushed to a different direction and ultimately a different destination. We feel like there is something missing but we can't tell what it is. We feel like there is a void inside of ourselves.

How can we recognize the seed within us?

Like mentioned in an article that has been posted earlier on "˜'", we won't be told exactly what we should do with our life. I know people seek guidance and often they want direct answers. Even if we read the Holy Bible or a multitude of self-help books, they won't tell us what to do with our lives nor what is our purpose. We will simply be guided to find that little seed within us and we will learn how we can go beyond our own limits. They will show us how to remove those piles of wastes so we can clean our mind to become fruitful so the seed can finally grow.

There are many books though that exist where the authors want to share their vision or their outlook on life or what we should do with our life, but we are the only one who knows. Even if someone tells us that to start a company or to be an entrepreneur is a must and it is easy and we can start right away with less than $100, it might not be easy for us and it might not be our calling. Of course, we will have to get over obstacles here and there but what we need to do is to listen. We should listen to the little voice within us. It knows the answer.
We should not say, "˜'I want to do this but I don't think it pays much so I will pass.". We never know where life can lead us, but we have to stop interfering with the flow that tries to put us on the right path. We must stop to silence this voice when all it wants to do is to help us.

To seek help is the first step to a massive change.

The evening came and then the morning and that was one day says the Holy Bible. To have no goals, no dreams and no ambition is simply the beginning. We can feel alone in this darkness. We might have lost our confidence. We can even feel like half a man. If we are seeking help then we are on the right path. Now we see there are possibilities and less closed doors. Even the moment we have read a book it opens our mind and sets new boundaries.

Until the age of 22 I didn't know we could start our own company. I thought that fame, success and money were of the domain of luck, not hard work, persistence and boldness. But I have read a book that changed the way I was seeing the world and it changed my life. I have read more books and they have opened my mind greatly.

Ignorant I am no more. Now I know what belongs to the right and the wrong. I made choices based on my new understanding of life. I was even secretly angry toward my friend who gave me this book because I thought my life was worse than it was before. But if I had never opened this book, I would have stayed at the same place and accepted my fate because I thought I couldn't change it. I would have become angrier and bitterer.
We need knowledge and a new understanding of life so it can lead us on the right path for the renewing of our mind to bring light so we can find the seed more easily and make it germinate. We seek what to do when we don't know what to do. We seek how to make something work when we don't know how to make it work. If we think that our life is fine, then we won't seek help. Why do we have to repair something when it isn't broken?

Many people don't know their life is broken until they are given an opportunity to see otherwise. When we tend a book to somebody they can respond in two ways: They will say they already know the content and they will decline our proposal, or they will take it because they are ready to receive new knowledge and the message it holds is a bearer of new hopes.

Where there was once darkness and ice in our garden, the sun is rising in the sky and warms the earth and new sprouts are seen. Sometimes, the moment we know there is more in us is sufficient to find this seed within and give it the necessary food, the necessary fertilizers so it can grow.

The sun that warms us is related to the thoughts we hold in our mind. It is related to the way we speak about ourselves and our perception of life in general. The more we know about ourselves, the more we will know about others. We will understand why they do what they are doing. We will understand that our life is lived with other people and to get more out of life is to learn how to work with them. We must associate ourselves with people who are on the same wave length and we will accomplish more than if we are in a group where everybody had different thoughts and perceptions. We say this, they think they have heard that. There is no harmony. There is no cooperation. There is only fights, anger and unanswered questions.

But we should not fear our potential and the gifts that are unique to us. We should not say, "˜'I doubt it can give me what I want". We need to break free from those fears and those sins that pervaded our mind, our heart and all our body. We say we don't have the energy but if we could change our thinking habits, if we could renew our mind with new knowledge, principles, perceptions, beliefs and a better understanding of life we would have the energy. Dark thoughts are depleting our energies while good thoughts are giving us the energy to conquer and walk tall among men. Why do we have to work against the flow when we can work with the flow? We should listen to ourselves then.

Remember that we are godlike. We have the power to know if something is right or if something is wrong. This gives us the possibility to create our life at will based on what we think is right or wrong. Remember this quote of Henry Ford: "˜'whether you say you can or you can't you are right". The life we will have is up to us and up to the thoughts we hold in our mind.

We should learn to let go once in for all and save ourselves many years.

"˜'He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man." "“Samuel Johnson

The first step to a greater life, the first step to have dreams and goals again is to let go. We need to let go of our old clothes, we need to let go of our beliefs, we need to let go of those fears. We must stop thinking we are weak when we are all but weak. Our clothes does not make who we are nor our jewels and our make-up. It is the person that is inside the clothes that counts. It is this person that chooses what we will wear and how we will look like.

We don't possess immortality on this physical plane of life and we won't live for eternity. Even if we were immortal, we would have two choices: To fall in complacency or to achieve great things. In the Bible it said that there were giants on earth before he ordered that men would only live up to 120 years old. They lived so old "“ more than 700 years old "“ but it never seemed that they have accomplished much during their life.

On the surface of Earth, they were many people though who were giants but it is because they had lived for so many years. They had the time to reach this level of knowledge and results. But what if instead of having 700 years ahead of us, we only had 70, 50 or 10? Is it possible that we can do in 10 years what others might not have done even though they possessed 700 or more years? Many people can have all the time in the world but they won't do much because they are not capable to let go.

There were still giants after God ordered that men would only live up to 120 years old. They were still existing because what they could accomplish in few years was simply astonishing. In the Holy Bible they were the heroes of Antiquity. Half man, half god. They were born from the daughters of man and the inhabitants of the sky. But the inhabitants of the sky are free and they are not afflicted nor tormented by evil. They have wings to fly. They have let go. Even today there are still giants on earth. People of have created empires from ashes, rags, sweat and toil.

Of course we can be afraid, who would not be? It proves that we have a head on our shoulder and we know what is going on. We are not mad. We are sane. If we want to unlock our potential it is for the better to listen to the little voice within us. We must not try to figure out what we should do by thinking solely with our mind. Look at where it already led us. We must follow our guts, follow our instinct. It knows where to go. It leads us. We must follow those hunches. Our instinct knows where we should go so we can achieve what we were born to do.
When we discover those dreams and the purpose of our life we need to nurture them. We need to give them love. We need to protect them because many people will be tempted to break them. We will trigger their jealousy, their envy and their anger. Before we told our friends that we wanted to do something and we waited for their encouragements. Now we tell them what we want to do not for the encouragements, nor for their praise. We tell them what we want to do so they can be our witnesses of the things that are about to manifest. It may take time, it may take effort, but surely it will come. Let's show the people what we can do when men have become a Gods.

But above all, protect your dreams from your own destructive tendencies "“ your own thoughts.

We should not aim for what is only within our reach. If we did we would have no motivation to go beyond ourselves and we would fall for the bad habit of complacency that leads to destruction. Life is not over when we get our bachelor degree nor it is over when we retire. We can retire of our job, but we should not retire from life. Have you ever notice how people seem to die prematurely when they get on their pension?

To kill a wolf in the night, we must raise our sight.

If we want more we need to stop to look at the ground. We should raise our head and look at the sky, and to look where we want to go. We should not look where we don't want to go. Just like when we drive a car. We look ahead most of the time. We don't look at the rear all the time, we don't look solely upon the ditch, and we do not look right after our front bumper. We look far ahead. We look at where we want to go or else we will have an accident and we will not be able to see the beautiful scenery.

If we want to have a good life, we must look at the sky. If we want greatness, we must shoot for the stars. The bolder we are, the greater the harvest. To shoot a wolf in the night we need to raise our sight or the projectile will fall short. We are in the dark and we cannot fully evaluate the distance that separates us from the target. It seems to be at 300 feet when it is at 500 feet. If we shoot too low we will miss the target. But if we aim high we will surely hit it.

As long as we can hold on, someday all our obstacles and problems will be swept away and the harvest will be of a size that we have never seen before.

There is no easy way out

We should stop clinging for instant and easy solutions for a challenge that is all but easy. If we want something else, we must do something else. We must get out of that dangerous comfort zone. We will know pain, failures, sufferings, and anxiety. Our success is determined by how we deal with those.

We have to stop wanting to be like someone else because it won't happen. Of course, what they have been through and what they have achieved can inspire us, but what worked for them might not work for us. There has never been other human beings that looked exactly like us since the creation of humanity. We are unique thus our journey is unique and our destination is unique.

The knowledge provided in this article is nothing compared to what we will have to do on our own. We will need time and effort. The world hasn't been created in one day. Rome hasn't been created in one day. Apple Computers hasn't been created in one day. We haven't been created in the belly of our mama in one day. But the only thing that mattered was the day they decided to do it. The day they decided to create something for the better and for the worst because, really, we cannot have one without the other.

Insecurity and fear can lead to the suppression of ambition. Our society is the vestige of a past era where kids and teens where raised and educated to work for factories. There was an industrial boom in the late 19th century that has lasted for at least 100 years. Even the government has adapted the educational system and programs to address the incredible shortage of factory workers. It is hard for our parents or our siblings to understand what we try to do or accomplish when the only thing they know is to settle or to seek for security and stability. There is nothing worse as leaving our fate in the hands of someone else. We must learn to think by ourselves and to provide for our own good.

If we have a small opinion about ourselves that leads to the suppression of ambition too. We believe the only thing we can do is to crawl on the floor while we have wings to fly. A chicken will teach an eaglet how to be a chicken, but an eagle will teach a chick how to be an eagle. In some occasions, we need to have the proof that we can do more. We need the irrefutable proof that success and greatness can be achieved because someone else has done it before us. But what if we lack examples, or proof? What if what we want to accomplish has never been done before?

Faith is for the place, where sight fails us. Faith is for the things that belong to the unseen. It is to have the firm conviction that we will reach a new place even though we are not there and we haven't seen it before. We must believe there is something huge inside us that wants to blossom. We must have the faith that whatever it is we will find it and it will be big. We might not know when or how it will appear but it will come. Let's keep the faith until we see it.

Roger Bannister wanted to run through a mile under 4 minutes. It never had been accomplished but he knew he could do it. Of course he doubted. Everybody was telling him he was crazy and he should forget it. But he couldn't live with that fact that he might regret not trying and seize the chance before him. For days and weeks he prepared himself with rigorous proper visualizations, training and so on. After a year he made it, another runner accomplished the same feat. Once he saw it could be done, then his limits have vanished and he ran a mile in less than 4 minutes too. And now, running a mile under 4 minutes is very common.

There is no small goals or dreams for the man who stand tall and commit himself to make them a reality. Many people are not willing to commit and make the necessary efforts to get what they want. They want things fast. They don't want to wait. They don't want to put in the necessary effort. Do we have to be astonished to know how much people are still waiting for money to fall from the sky by playing the lottery or going to the Casino?
The first thing that we must say is that we can do it.

Programs, techniques, strategies, methods, and the like are useless if we do not live our life according to important principles that have been followed religiously by the leaders of the past and of today. Even though we want this or that we will never have them if we do not flip a switch inside our head that puts us into "˜'thriving mode". But no more we will sabotage ourselves by holding a speech or thoughts that stick a knife slowly in our heart and deprive our dreams of that vital energy so they can be given life.

Anybody can say "˜'we can't" but the real words that count are the ones which are coming out of our own mouths. We should not let anybody tell us what we can do or can't do. We must leave this to our own judgement. But free of inhibiting beliefs our judgement has to be.

We can never run out of techniques explaining how to achieve success but we can run out of understanding, courage, vision, faith, hope, etc. People believe in Laws of mathematics, they believe in the Laws of science, they believe in the Laws of electricity. Nobody can argue that electricity doesn't exist. We went to school all those years but we have never been told how to use our most precious tool in life and the Laws that govern it: Our own mind.

Nobody said that the road to greatness was going to be an easy journey. We can be told what to do. We can get more knowledge. We can get directions so we can get to where we want faster and stop spinning around after our own tail, but it won't do a thing if we are not committed to reach our goals. To be fruitful, to be great, and to be successful is not for the timid, the faint of heart, the follower, nor the complacent. It is for the radical, the rebel, the courageous, the "˜'I don't care what you think", the creator, the powerful thinker.

The real answers are not outside of us. They are within but what do we do when our own worst enemy is ourselves? Nobody can do us harm as much as we can do to ourselves. We should be like the kid who is not bothered of being naked in front of strangers. We should be like the dog who does not bother when he relieves himself beside a busy street or when people are staring at him. We should do what we have to do and let go of the rest.

We can get information on how to be more productive, we can get more information on how to stop procrastinating, we can get more information on how to stop snoozing, but if we would truly listen to the little voice within us and obey it, we wouldn't need to know how to do this or that because we would have all the energy in the world to help us. We will find new health. We will find new strengths. We have got rid of our fetlocks. Now we can run and there is nothing that can stop us.


If we want to have dreams, goals and ambition we must not think that we are weak. We must think and believe that we are all-powerful and we have been born to accomplish great things in life. It is when we believe we can accomplish more we will have the desires and dreams that come with it. To reach higher altitudes we need a new attitude.

We must believe there is something inside of us that is waiting to be heard, to be nurtured and to grow so it can bear fruits but at all cost we need to protect it from our own destructive thoughts. We must learn to get rid of the wastes that are contaminating our lives. We must let go of all that is unnecessary.

We must not fear our dreams or our goals because behind this very fear is our wealth. We can do it and we ought to do it but will we?


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