My first google adsense click

My first adsense click

Yes, yes, yes ,yes!!!. Okay this might not sound like anything to you but I got my first click through on an adsense ad on this site. I managed to earn a whole $0.13 cents. Fan “˜bloody’ tastic. Honestly I am really pleased and it gave me the spur to keep on writing.

I have had this blog for 1 month now and am getting regular visitors. I don’t know if they are regular readers as no one seems to comment so if you read this blog regulalry I would encourage you to comment on the articles good or bad.

Here is a screenprint of my adsense account details showing my $0.13 cents:

adsense image showing earnings

I don’t know where the click came from as I didn’t add any channels but I will be looking into this more. Anyway thank you to everyone who has passed through this site and please e-mail or make comments on any of my articles.

If you enjoy this site please leave a donation for Steven, and you can enjoy the spirit of giving too.

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