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9 Steps to Living a Life Out Loud

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Most men lead lives of quiet desperation, and go to the grave with the song still in them. ~Henry David Thoreau

Every day, we have the option to live with passion, be open to possibility, and reach for the stars. We have the freedom to boldly live, laugh, and love.

Don't wait for permission. Begin today. Choose to be inspired and motivated enough, to live without limits. Get off the couch and do something! Let go of your fear, get gutsy, and get going.

living_out_loudMy daughter, Kristy was recently promoted to a manager's position for New Balance. She's a dynamo that's determined to leave a mark on the world. In spite of being born without a right hand, she plays soccer, basketball and participates in triathlons.

On December 4th, Kristy and her fiancé are getting married at the 12th mile mark during the Las Vegas Rock N Roll marathon. How crazy, sexy, and cool is that?

Living a life bold life is unique to everyone. Begin where you are. Use your talent, enthusiasm and drive to make a meaningful difference in your day and your world. Have fun! Every positive action, you take matters. Everything small move counts!

Strategies to suck the marrow out of life:

1. Wake up and smell the day

Set your mood every morning by becoming aware of your first thoughts. Refuse to hit the snooze button. Rise above ordinary.

Go outside, take a deep breath and express your gratitude for being alive. Take a long walk or run and while you're at it, smell the day!

2. Thrive on simplicity

Don't complicate you life. To me, less is more, because I don't want to clutter my mind or home. I have been influenced by minimalists Tammy Strobel, Courtney Carver, and Leo Babauta. I no longer purchase anything new until the old is worn out. My car, a VW beetle is 12 years old. It will be the last car I ever own. I simply discovered, I don't want or need another.

3. Be adventurous

After turning 57 in March, I decided to challenge myself by running a ½ marathon in Seattle, WA. Hubs and I have never visited the West Coast and decided it was time. The run turned out to be fantastic. Feeling fit makes aging more acceptable! We also visited Portland, Oregon and Victoria BC, Canada before returning to Phoenix. We're currently thinking about visiting San Diego with our grandchildren in August.

4. Know your tribe

I want to chill with the "˜difference makers.' People who have honest intentions to make the changes they want to see in the world. Weird, juicy, bold, and fun, this crowd honestly believes the best is yet to come. They are committed to making it happen. I don't have time or energy for mainstream gloom and doomers.

5. Be open to new opportunities

Blogging has allowed me to connect and know people from all over the planet. The world is changing faster than anyone can keep up. This is a time of rapid growth and opportunity.

It's your chance to be a part of a great transformation. Keep an open mind and heart. There's no reason to fear the future. Instead decide what part you want to play in designing it and jump right in.

With today's technology and information, we have the power and the tools to fill our days with delight and celebration.

6. Make your life happy

Choose positive intentions and thoughts. Do good, serve others. Don't bother with judgment, gossip, or comparisons. Memorize the Anasasi quote, "No matter what you think, you have no idea what is really going on."

I believe the five most beautiful words in the English language are, "˜I love you' and "˜thank you.' Choose to live on life's edge. Calculated risk taking is a way of life for bold people. Don't hesitate to take a step in a bold direction, ever!

7. Create good times for yourself

Think of them as "Life's Coming Attractions." Take time to enjoy and appreciate family, friends, food, music, children, your elders, blue skies, sunshine and ordinary moments. Invest time in your relationships, have dinner by candlelight. Nothing is more important than the love you regularly give and receive.

8. Create your own health care plan

In order to live a grand life, commit to a healthy lifestyle. No one is more responsible for your health than you! Make a plan, get active. If you eat crap, you'll feel like crap.

Your emotional and spiritual health is just as important as your physical health. Get help and support if you need it. Make feeling good a priority. Live in the no excuse zone.

9. Fall in love with life

Give your life everything you've got. Write that book, take that vacation or call that date. Life is difficult, tragedy happens. It's what makes us interesting, human and capable. Celebrate your imperfection and your mistakes. Don't die with your music still inside of you!

Tess Marshall is a speaker, author, fear shattering, calculated risk taker, and obsessed with being bold. Her blog, The Bold Life is a juicy mix of inspiration, spirituality, and personal development. Download for free her guide, "Peace, Love, and Connection" at The Bold Life and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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