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Life is shit

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Life is shit!

I have spoken to so many people who complain about life and how shit is.   In every single case the person who has been complaining has done absolutely nothing to change their life to make it less shit.   Here are the most common "˜life is shit"¦"¦..' phrases and how to over come them.

Life is shit because I don't have the money to do the things I want!

life_is_shitThere are literally hundreds of ways to make extra money, but ONLY if you are willing to work for it.   I don't mean work hard all day and all night I mean work smart and automate as much as possible so you are making money whilst you sleep.   Some things you can do are:

1. Affiliate marketing – Sell other peoples products online.   A simple website, a few keywords, a google adwords campaign and you are more or less up and running.   The easiest place to start is selling stuff from Clickbank.

2. Sell your knowledge – Do you have a skill that could be taught either via seminars or via an ebook?   Truth is, everybody has.   You can turn your knowledge into a saleable commodity.   I have learnt a bit about internet marketing over the last few years and am now selling that knowledge to local businesses, via an ebook to anybody who wants to know.   You can learn the skills of internet marketing in a few weeks of dedicated learning.   If you do this you will have more knowledge than most businesses will know in their lifetime.   Think outside the box with this one.   I know someone who makes a killing just installing wordpress blogs for people and setting it up for them.   It takes her two hours of work and she charges $100 a time.

That's only two examples of making extra money.   There are hundreds more you just need to put your thinking cap on.   Dennis Becker advocates trying to earn an extra '5 Bucks per day' and then take it from there.   How hard would it be to earn an extra $5 per day.   If you can earn an extra $5 you can then double that.   Each time you double the amount to make in a day your money limit will go higher and you will become more confident and in turn your own mind will keep working for you and you will begin to see new ideas in everything.

Life is shit because I don't have my ideal partner!

When you are thinking like this you are giving all of your power away to an unknown entity, namely the person you think you should be with.   The thing to do here is concentrate on being happy with yourself before giving up part of the power to someone else.   When you are totally content within your skin you are ready to meet your ideal partner.   Work on yourself in every single way possible.   Thinks of all the things you want to be and work on each part in turn.

Another piece of advice would be to concentrate on your strengths.   Don't waste time on minor weaknesses, concentrate on building up the things you are already good at.

Life is shit because I don't have the job I want!

Tell me, what have you done to find the job you really want?   Most people who say this don't really know what they want so how are you going to find your ideal job when you don't know what it is.

You first need to figure out what you want to do and then figure out how to get it.

For example if you want to get a job as a web designer.   You start small and learn the basics by building your own sites, one site at a time.   Then when you get more confident you can go to college for a certificate of some kind and then build up your knowledge and certification from there.   If you don't have the time to go to college then learn at home and build your own websites then ask someone if they would like a website built for free.   This way you will gain experience of working with clients and the kind of questions and difficulties they will have.   Do one a month, then two a month and then three a month and pretty soon you will have a website business, always building your knowledge as the world of the internet is always changing.

I remember having a conversation with my older sister a few years ago and she was saying how she wanted another job.   She was babysitting for a few people and doing a few part time jobs cleaning and working in a shop.   When she sat down and thought about what she loved she became a registered child minder and set up business for herself.   Her business is now booming and she is doing great for herself.   Everybody is always looking for reliable, registered child minders.

This applies to any type of work you want to do.

Life is shit because I don't have a job!

Unless you have some sort of disability there is absolutely no need to be out of work.   I would do anything, anything at all to bring money into the family home and for my self respect.   There is no need in this day and age not to have a job, if you can't find an employer create a job for yourself.   I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but it's the truth.   We are so engrained into thinking that somebody has to give us a job that we don't think outside the box.   Why do we have to go through the job hunting, the letter writing, the research, the interviews, to help someone else make money? There is no need at all, create a job for yourself, be your own boss.   If you are a hard worker there is virtually nothing you cannot do, however if you are a lazy so and so then put up or shut up, there is no point in complaining about something if you are not prepared to do anything about it.

Life is shit because nobody likes me!

You might be right, everybody might not like you and for one reason – You don't like yourself.   There is no possible way people will like you until you truly like yourself and if you're at this stage you have a lot of work to do on yourself.

Small steps "“ Every single journey you take in your life will begin with a small step and this is the same for changing your life.   At this stage don't think about the bigger picture, think about the small changes you want to make and work on them continuously and build up your repertoire until you are happy with yourself.

I have to say if you are happy feeling like shit then there is obviously no need to make any changes.

Life is shit because I have lost a loved one!

There is nothing at all I can say that will change your mind and rightly so.   The grieving process needs to be realised fully before you can move on and this, I know it's clichéd, will take time.   I cannot begin to imagine being in your shoes and I would not dare insult you by offering advice.

There are a million other different "˜Life is shit because"¦"¦..' phrases and 99.9 % of them can be overcome if you are willing to put in the effort.   I am probably not going to be liked for this article but I had to say it.

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