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Life Hacks from a Grandmother to Stay Young

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We didn't get to be this age without learning a few things along the way. Many grandparents are "younger" than their ages would lead you to believe. Here are a few ways to stay even younger, sharper and more fit as you add years to your life.

You can begin these "anti-age" tools at any age.

1. Be a little more courageous.

Taking small risks, such as speaking up at work or going to a movie alone, can lead to more courageous acts, such as asking for a raise or traveling by yourself. Practicing small, consistent acts of courage can reduce fear, enhance self-esteem and increase happiness.

2. Take a different route to work or home.

Do something new or different each day. This will stimulate different parts of your brain, again helping you keep more of your mental faculties.

3. Brush your teeth with the other hand.

See #2. Stand on one leg while you brush. Switch half way through. This improves your balance, which we all need more of as we get older.

4. Floss while you watch TV.

EVERY EVENING"”to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Or as my dentist says, "You don't have to floss each tooth every day"”just the ones you want to keep."

5. Paint a wall or a room a beautiful color.

Many people are afraid of color in their homes. Try one. Guess what? If you don't like it-you can paint over it.

6. Complete something that has been incomplete too long.

Incompletions in our lives use up too much energy. Finish it or decide not to finish it and get rid of it.

7. Eat organic fruits or vegetables.

Most vegetables travel about 1500 miles to get to your table. Buy local and organic. Or grow your own (best option).

8. Move your body more.

Our bodies were made to move. They love it. Remember, if you don't move it, you'll lose it (the ability to move). Not a pretty thought.

9. Fix something that's been broken.

Or throw it out or give it away. That may include relationships.

10. Keep your bedroom clean and neat and dark when you sleep.

You will sleep better and feel more rested and refreshed when you awaken. Be sure to get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to obesity and heart attacks, to name just two problems sleep deprivation causes. You sleep better if there's a small movement of air around you. Open a window when possible, if it's safe or a small fan pointed away from your face.

11. Walk and don't forget the apple.

Research shows to lessen your chance of getting or to minimize the effects of dementia and/or Alzheimer's all you need to do is go for a 20-minute walk daily and eat a red Delicious apple every day. Remember, "An apple a day . . ."

12. Take a child to the park.

Preferably one you know! Pushing him/her on the swings and keeping up with them will keep you in great shape.

13. Look at the world through a child's eyes.

See everything new and with wonder. Changing your outlook on life will absolutely keep you young.

14. Get curious

"”or remember how to be curious. Lifetime learning is the best way to keep your brain active and functioning. Learn new information each day.

15. Read.

It's the best way to keep your imagination active, which keeps your intelligence operating at higher levels as you add years to your brain.

16. Remember something you wanted to do as a child.

Something you haven't done yet. Do it! Learn to play the guitar? Take painting lessons? Grow roses? Knit? Stay engaged and stay happy to be alive because of that engagement.

17. Volunteer

"”or get a job"”doing something you love. Love dogs? Offer to walk them at the Humane Society"”you will also exercise yourself as an added benefit. Love kids? Volunteer or work part time at a school. Think of what would make you happy and then do it.

18. Meditate for a few minutes each day.

It will reduce your stress, keep you more present and help you be less judgmental"”especially to yourself.

So, there you go: A few ideas to help you keep your youth, health, and mental faculties. Pick just a few and play with them. You'll feel better.

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