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How Learning to Drive can Teach You to Manifest!

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If you can drive a car, but struggle to drive your own life, you're about to have your mind blown…

You didn't just jump behind the wheel and take off. You had to learn a skill. To embody it. Manifesting isn't any different.

So you  know  you should be in control of your life, but you still have so"¦ many"¦ struggles"¦. Why can't you just apply the things you've learned? Well you may have heard about the 4 levels of competence before, but I'm going to show you how to identify where you are and then take it to the next level to literally manifest anything you want into your life.

So they say we only use 10% of our brain, right? WRONG! It's more like 10% of your  mind  and that's not even true. You're actually only consciously aware of about 10% of your mind's capacity. The rest is  subconscious. And the subconscious is where all the magic happens. That's where our real manifesting power stems from. Your subconscious drives everything in your life. From your biological functions, to how you show up, to relationships, and job performance. To your natural skill sets and perceived struggles.   It IS YOU. And when it comes to getting something you want and don't already have, the subconscious is the part you need to address.

Have you ever known someone who just gets all the things that you struggle with? It's almost like they were born to get it. Well they were. We all were, but at some  point, some  experience  happened to you that told you that you don't get that thing. Or even worse, you don't even deserve it. Then, your subconscious locked that belief in place. The cool part is that you actually have the power to change that and you can have anything you can consciously imagine. Let's get started!

So how does this work? Well I'm going to explain these 4 levels in a way that you can relate to and apply in your life. So we start with  Unconscious Incompetence. When you put these all together, they are quite the tongue twister, but I'm going to break it down for you so it sticks. This is powerful stuff"¦.

Unconscious Incompetence

Unconscious Incompetence  means that you don't know what you don't know. You are unconsciously incompetent. I.e. you can't do something and you don't even realize that you could have that ability. So in driving, this is you when you're 5 years old. You don't know how to drive OR that one day you'll be able too. You just go wherever your mom takes you. You are a VICTIM. Your life sucks and you don't even realize that there's anything you can do about it.

So you watch "The Secret" or you read "Think and Grow Rich" and your life is changed forever right? Well at least this is the beginning of change"¦ you just now realize that you have potential. You are now  Consciously Incompetent. You know you could do it, but you also know that you don't know how. This is you when you're 14 years old. You know that soon you'll be able to drive, but right now you don't know how. So what do you do? You go to driver's ed! In manifesting you hire a coach, go to a seminar, or embark on your own educational process.

So, now you're 16 and you've graduated driver's ed and YOU CAN DRIVE! Wooohooooo. You can do it, but it takes every bit of your focus. Hands at 10 and 2. Radio's off. "Don't talk to me, I'm focusing!" You can drive, but it takes all of your focus. You are now  Consciously Competent. You can get the job done, but it takes work. You're going to all the seminars, you're doing your daily meditation/affirmations, you're reading all the cool new books and you're seeing results, but they are just so inconsistent you're beginning to wonder if this stuff is even real"¦.

Unconscious Competence

NOW! The holy grail.  Unconscious Competence. This is where the magic happens. When you've BECOME what it is you want to manifest. When you've done so much work around this that it has just become a part of who you are. When things unfold effortlessly for you. When you decide to do something you just do it. You don't even have to think about it. This is you after about 6 years of driving. You've been driving so long that you can do it on auto-pilot. You know what I mean"¦ when you're driving, you have a starbucks in one hand, your cell phone in the other, you get to work and you don't even remember the drive. You've been driving so long you can do it  unconsciously. Your subconscious mind has such a strong program for this task that it can do it without you even giving conscious attention to it. This is the case with all habits.

And with manifesting, that's when you are IN FLOW. You have been working on a belief system for so long, you don't have to  tell  yourself you can do it anymore, it just is. Health, wealth, happiness, relationships, they are all driven by subconscious programs. This is when things that you desire(consciously), just happen for you. They feel good and effortless. Your conscious desires and your subconscious programs are in alignment and things are exciting and energizing in that area.

So if you're in the level of conscious incompetence or conscious competence, just know that the results you are seeking are just around the corner. I've seen this with friends, clients, and most evidently in myself. This stuff is real, and it does work! You just have to put in your individual level of effort that it takes to embody it at that Un(sub)conscious level of competence!

Hope this helped you regain your faith and your drive. You can literally be, do, or have anything you can consciously imagine. You just have to get it to the subconscious to manifest it! Happy Manifesting!

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