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How to Hustle from a Place of Peace and Create Abundance and Success

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So many people run around, trying to hustle, to make things happen, to change the world but really, it is simply fear driving them "“ Fear that they are not enough, fear that they will run out of time.   And yet, it does not have to be that way.

Please do not get me wrong, I am all about hustle and push and fighting for the life you desire – I love all of that but I know that when you are doing work you love, it can all be done from a place of peace and purpose.

Yes, peace and hustle can fit quite nicely together and in fact they need to, in order for you not to wander off in random directions to nowhere.

You are someone born to do great things, born to impact lots of people – you need to find a place of peace to shake the nations from.  You need to be able to tap into the wisdom within.

You need it.

So how?  When you are a driven so-and-so that everyone wants a piece of?

1) Create Space To Be Alone

Wake up earlier than everyone.  Make a decision that the life you are born to live is worth the effort of creating a new discipline, the discipline of waking up earlier.

2) Get A Journal

Get into the habit of writing out your thoughts and feelings.  Yes, I understand that that could be endless but take some time to empty your mind each day "“ morning or evening.   See what the key issues bugging your mind are.   There is something powerful about seeing your thoughts on paper.   You will either realize that they are not as big a deal as you thought they were or you will realize that you know what the next step is. Or the simple act of writing these thoughts down will clear them from your mind.   Another thing to do with your journal is to deliberately design your life the way you want it "“ Write out the reality you want to create.   Write out who you choose to be as in "I am confident", "I always make the right decisions".   Write down your goals and what you want to have.   Let it be top of mind every single day so that when you do hustle, you know what you are hustling towards.

3) Affirm Yourself

As you move on into the day, remind yourself time and time again that you are wise and that you are enough.  Remind yourself that everything you need to make the next decision is already available to you.  Too many people walk around beating themselves up for every mistake they think they have made.  Do not be those people! If you are going to live an amazing life experience, you need to affirm all the positives about you ALL THE TIME!

Yes, I do mean, all the time!   Make a decision to no longer allow random negative thoughts about yourself to take up residence within you.

4) Have Or Create Music That Lifts You Up

Sing! Create an uplifting playlist of music you love and that lifts you up.  Then go somewhere private and sing your heart out or simply let the music wash all over you as you focus in on your breathing and ready yourself for another burst of hustle activity.

5) Write Out Everything You Want

During the day, spend time over and over again reminding yourself about what you are creating – It can take a minute, just one minute, to simply write out your goals again.  If you have been someone who allowed fear to reign in your thoughts, then you need to get very deliberate about replacing those thoughts of what you do not want with what you do want.  So write out again and again the things that you do want.

6) Do Some Work

If you do not consistently make sure you are doing the work, you will find that your peace levels are regularly demolished.  Why?  Because deep down inside, you know that you are not moving forward.  Most people go looking for mindfulness as a panacea to the fact that they are simply not doing the work they are here to do but they find that it does not work alone.  The root of the problem for most is that they are not living a life of purpose, doing the work they are born to do and instead they are hoping that all these spiritual practices will drown out the pain of living small – IT DOES NOT!

Do not be that person who tries to avoid the work.  The work saves you!  As an entrepreneurial leader, simply do the work of communicating with your people in some way every day, capturing them into your world and closing some sales every day.  ON some days, you will only be able to do the bare minimum because you feel pulled in many directions but as you get used to be a person of peace and hustle, you will be able to pull off more of the work without feeling harried.

7) Stay In Your Own Lane

Stop looking to see what others are doing.  Trust that you know what is best for you and your business.  Trust that you can tap into the depths of wisdom within you and make great decisions for you and your business.  Comparing yourself and your way of doing things with the ways others do it, will almost ALWAYS lead nowhere good.  So trust YOU!  And shine your own light!

As I already said, it is possible to hustle from a place of peace.  Choose to love the people you are called to serve and come from a place of peace whilst choosing to share you and your gifts with those people.

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live.

Because you want to!

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