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How to Improve Your Performance

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Every single person focuses on attaining performance improvement in all areas of their life which means using talents and abilities to the optimum level. Several factors can be considered in improving performance both in your personal and professional life but a huge part of it is determined by your attitude and mindset. With a plan in mind, your performance improvement plan will include analyzing performance problems and implementing strategies that allow for good performance. Performance is generally the way people do their work and the results they get.

If you are looking to progress or achieve success then improving performance should be a key goal. Once this area is addressed then you are in a better position to attain fulfillment and satisfaction in life. Performance improvement can actually be applied to either individual or organizational performance but the techniques used may vary a little bit. When you have something going in life either objectives to achieve or dreams to bring into reality then you need to start from a point of maximizing your performance and making sure that no resources go to waste and that includes time and energy.

Factors That Affect Performance

In a case of low or decreased rate of performance, there are very specific aspects which contribute to that.

Ability: if an individual lacks enough knowledge and skills then there are high chances that they won't perform as expected. You have to understand something before you can actually work on it to produce optimum results.

Motivation: several people with low performance in life lack enough motivation which is a necessary tool in getting people out of their comfort zones. Motivation is actually defined as reason one has for behaving or acting in a particular way. It also comprises of external and internal factors that increase a person's energy and desire for them to be continually committed and interested in a task.

Effort: this refers to the amount of mental and physical energy that one expands on a specific task so that they can reach a desired level of performance. It is linked to performance in that when you put more effort into something then your performance increases but if you don't put effort then the opposite happens.

Focus: This is a person's ability to concentrate on tasks and lack of it could be detrimental to performance. We need focus to learn new skills and improve technique making it an important part of performance improvement.

Environment: In a conducive environment you will be in a better position to perform highly as a cramped up or uncomfortable environment affects your ability to focus. There is so much to the environment than just its overall tidiness and other aspects to look at include layout.

Performance Improvement Tips

This part provides general tips that are effective for anyone who is looking to enhance their level of performance in all life aspects. They are simple and make up for the best habits towards real success.

Goal Setting

The whole goal setting process entails determining what you want in life, coming up with action plans and then having a time frame. As much as it is normally overlooked, goal setting actually comes with numerous benefits for both your personal and work life. With goals in place, it becomes easier for a person to stay on track and focus on the important things that bring them closer to their success. Successful people in life will always tell you that it is better to have simple goals than have no goals as it is through them that you find direction in life.

There is a connection between goal setting and improved performance because goals are a source of motivation and they always hold one accountable. This means that every opportunity to work will always be utilized because all your goals are time-bound. There won't be a day you wake up and have no idea of what you should do because goals guide you through each day. When a person knows what they want or find their direction in life they will be less stressed and that is more room for improved performance. Generally, every individual with a goal remains focused and determined to perform to their level best.


Clutter normally has a negative impact on a person's life as it is a reason for increased stress and an individual's inability to focus and process information. This makes it very important for you to de-clutter both your internal and external environment. De-cluttering is much about creating a conducive environment to operate. When talking about de-cluttering it means simplifying and organizing your life so that things feel less overwhelming. De-cluttering allows for relaxation, improves creativity, creates room for focus and reduces stress all of which are aspects that contribute to improved performance. Having some time away from your busy life to deal with your clutter a step at a time leaves you feeling more comfortable and happier.


Mindfulness is the act of being fully present and aware of where we are and of the things we are doing. By training your brain to be mindful, you are remodeling its physical structure a factor that allows for increased productivity. When you are mindful, you are bringing your attention to the internal and external experiences in the present moment and are doing that without passing judgment. This means you will be watching your thoughts, feelings, surrounding environment and bodily sensations. It allows you to be present with events and you will be more focused on what you do and won't have thoughts wandering all over. By practicing mindfulness an individual makes sure that they are making the best of the present moment because the past is already gone and the future is undetermined. It is pretty much giving much attention to tasks at hand and ensuring that they are all done to the best of your ability with both your mind and heart in it. This explains to you why mindfulness enhances performance and why you need to apply it for performance improvement. The whole process of mindfulness enables you to live in the moment and that means more enlightenment to make every opportunity more productive.

Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is generally a focus on the idea of positive thinking whereby a person thinks and speaks in a positive manner. It states that like attracts like, in that positive thoughts will always attract positive events and experiences. If you want to be more productive and perform highly in all areas of your life then it really helps to maintain a positive mindset. This means reminding yourself that you have the ability to accomplish anything and that no matter how difficult things seem there will be great results at the end. This law teaches that people attract what they think about, whether good or bad and whether they are aware of it or not. A person who stays positive always has the desire to keep working hard and putting more efforts because they believe it won't all go to waste. The best thing is that as a positive thinker, everything else begins falling in place as you are using an attraction power that is natural and effortless. How you think and feel about situations determines how best you handle them. If you have been feeling unmotivated or lacked interest in accomplishing, it could be that you have allowed negativity to weigh you down. The law of attraction and the whole idea of being a positive thinker can transform you as a person and gives you a new and better approach towards life. Below are some effective laws of attraction tips:

  • Don't worry much about the how and when just be positive and situations will unfold.
  • Avoid putting too much energy on blocking negative thoughts but instead just acknowledge them and allow them to slowly slide away.
  • Make use of affirmations that are applicable for performance improvement.
  • Use visualization to enhance your faith.

Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is when one avoids a task that should be accomplished so that they can do more pleasurable things. Procrastination is actually a strong force that can keep one from completing urgent and important tasks. It is the reason why we refer to it as the killer of dreams as it deters you from performing as expected. The moment you teach yourself to do things or handle tasks when you are required to then you slowly build a habit that kills procrastination. It is a struggle faced by many and the moment we figure out how to conquer it then we achieve satisfaction because life becomes more purposeful. In the process of dealing with procrastination, an individual attains self-discipline which means an opportunity to improve performance in many other ways. Below are effective tips that will help you overcome the habit of procrastination:

  • Work in more productive environments.
  • Understand the essence of effective time management.
  • Break tasks into little steps.
  • Cultivate a growth mindset.
  • Reward yourself for every effort made to deal with procrastination.
  • Don't always wait to be in the mood to get things done.
  • Know that within your comfort zone you may achieve but outside it, you can achieve more and better.
  • Set a deadline for all your tasks.

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