How I Grew My Facebook Page from 35k Likes to 1 Million Likes in 18 Months

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Today I celebrated my Facebook page having 1 million people liking the page.

You can see the page here: Change Your thoughts Today

How it all started

Back in 2011 I decided to start my facebook page and didn't really do much with it except share blog post links, so it didn't really grow at any great speed.

Two years later in August 2013 I had 16,000 likes on the page.

As I got more and more into marketing I realised the power of Facebook and how it could transform my business.  So in December 2013 I began researching, learning as much as I could about advertising, growing a page and really giving the readers of my page what they wanted.

So I experimented, reverse engineered other big pages in the same niche.  I started posting more frequently, and reading the comments on the posts.

Suddenly it clicked and I had an epiphany: It's not all about the likes, the posts, the comments or the shares, it's about engaging with the readers.

As soon as I realised that I started engaging with the readers differently, responding to comments, answering all messages, liking comments, helping.  The page soon became a place to go to interact with others like minded people, a group of individuals who wanted to help themselves and help others at the same time.

By July 2014 the page had grown to 400,000 likes, which totally amazed me, but then something else happened.

Amazing income from my Facebook page

I started posting my most popular blog posts from Facebook, after learning how to do it correctly, and suddenly my income jumped and I was earning $3,000 per month from Facebook traffic to the blog.

I kept on experimenting, writing different types of blog posts, again giving the readers exactly what they wanted and once I figured all this out the income jumped month on month to a steady $10,000 per month.

I also started posting offers to various affiliate offers that I liked and done some paid advertising on FB and this also went amazingly well for a while, and i managed to get a lot of affiliate commissions from doing that.

I grew my emails lists by another 15,000 over the year and continue to grow it at a rate of 50-100 subscribers per day, using simple tactics that helps the readers and myself.

However something else amazing happened…

More and more people were sending me emails, and messages on Facebook to ask how the hell i was doing so well on my Facebook page.

I answered the questions as much as I could, but there was just too many of them and 25% of my day was spent conversing with people telling them about Facebook and how to grow their page.

Then enough was enough, I wrote an ebook then a video course to show others exactly how I managed to do this.  That did quite well, so I expanded it and made it what it is today at

However it didn't stop there…  

My own business coach suggested I do 1 -1 coaching for the people who wanted that little bit more than the course.  A little reluctantly  I agreed to try it and we worked on a program and some sales material and I got coaching in coaching 🙂

I sent out a Facebook message on my personal profile and asked if anybody would be interested in this type of coaching and around 12 people responded.  So I arranged some Skype calls and am happy to say I am now working with 5 clients on their own businesses, using Facebook as a key strategy for growing their business.  Click Here if You're Interested in 1 -1 Coaching and Book A Call With Me

Facebook is Great for Business

If you learn to use it the right way and create a win/win for you and your readers then Facebook could be worth thousands of dollars per month for you.

If you want to find out more click on the image below:

Some Amazing Comments


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