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Friday Night Essence

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I tend to believe in a purpose in life.   In each one of us. Having something within us that, if tapped, will make our lives a contribution and improvement on the world. I also tend to believe that our world can stagnate and even move backwards if there are too many people ignoring their purpose.   Spending their lives running in circles, chasing things that don't matter…

And I'm not thinking only about talent.   Everyone has a talent.   Some physical or artistic, therefore easily seen.   Most, though, are not seen on the surface.   They take time to develop and manifest.   Sometimes much later in life.     But even still, I'm talking more about developing what's unique within us.   Sometimes talent and purpose are tied together.   Other times, a talent can lead someone to see their purpose.

Purpose Without Effort?

The thing is, it takes time and effort to find and serve your purpose.   Your passion.   You have to want to grow as a person, every day.   You have to evolve.

Believing in a purpose in life can be a lot to ask.   People have been asking 'what's the purpose of life?' for a long, long time.   And there's always a different answer. When I left the corporate world and went off to do my own thing, there was a nagging fear in the back of my mind.   Not of failing (though that existed).   But this fear of never figuring things out.

So The Key Is"¦.?

So maybe the key is not to focus on finding your purpose.   Maybe that's a lot of pressure.   Certainly know that you have one and be ready to see it when it shows itself.   But in the meantime, it might be better to simply focus on what you're passionate about.   What gets you out of the bed early in the morning and makes you want to stay up all night?   I like to call this my Friday Night Essence.  The one thing that I'd rather do on a Friday night then anything else in the world.

If you can find or create a career where on a Friday night, that's what you want to stay in and do, then life will turn out pretty good, right? That doesn't mean that you have to give up your Friday nights to be happy or successful.   It's just a different way to look at things.   I can't imagine having any regrets spending my life doing something I'm passionate about…

Swim Downstream!

Your Friday Night Essence allows you to experience downstream focus.   How often do we have trouble focusing on our work, on what we need to get done on a given day.   Most of us work hard to keep our focus and take care of our responsibilities.   But the fact that focus can sometimes require a lot of effort "“ upstream focus, swimming against the current "“ usually tells us what we're not really passionate about.

When you lose track of time doing something you love, you're experiencing downstream focus.   You're flowing with the current.   You're focus is going where it naturally belongs.

Take a moment and think about that.     Imagine a life where passion is what your day is based around.   Passion I believe is the pathway to purpose.   Follow your passions and uncovering your purpose will take care of itself.   Passion, like life, is a journey.   Make sure you enjoy it.

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