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How Enhancing Your Vocabulary Can Actually Change Your Life

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Improving your vocabulary can change your life. Don't believe it? Let's count the ways your life will get better by having a broader, richer vocabulary to speak and write with.

Improved Self-Esteem

How many times have you groped for a word, only to be left in the lurch by your memory? This is partly the result of not developing your working vocabulary – in other words, not using all of the many words you already know in your everyday speech (by the way, communicating exclusively through emojis doesn't help much either). As a result, when you need to express a concept, words fail you, even though you already learned the words you need at some point. By not developing a good working vocabulary you will hurt your self-esteem, and you will appear less competent and even less smart.

enhancing_vocabularyWith command of a broad vocabulary you can use to express yourself, you'll develop an improved self-esteem. When you feel good about communicating efficiently that affects your social and professional development, in a positive way.

Better Career Prospects

People who have a rich vocabulary tend to have more of an impact when they express their ideas, and have a greater ability to convince others of their arguments.

When your vocabulary is varied and extensive, your career prospects improve. If you use your words masterfully, you are impressing people with your competence. It sends an unconscious message that testifies to the hard work involved in getting to that vocabulary level.

For better or worse, we judge people based on their word choices. For professions where communication and creative expression are essential skills, people with a strong vocabulary are almost always a step ahead.

Better Career Progression Opportunities

A growing body of research suggests that a strong, broad vocabulary boosts people's career success.
A rich vocabulary doesn't just mean knowing which words correspond to which definitions, but rather involves everything to do with a solid background knowledge of that word's meaning, history, appearance, usage, and linguistic connections (synonyms, antonyms and so on).

When your speech is precise and relevant you will impress others, no matter the topic. Knowing what "cloud computing" is requires more than merely spending a minute to learn the definition of the phrase; it's about making the effort to understand its meaning, the process that led to its creation, even the benefits and potential for users worldwide.

At a fundamental level, a broad vocabulary is a valid indicator of your ability to excel and grow in the profession of your choice, on the ground that building your vocabulary simultaneously builds your knowledge.

Vocabulary expands your thinking

The more you know, the more complex thoughts and connections your mind can make. By enriching your vocabulary you familiarize yourself not just with word definitions but broader knowledge in general. As a result, you create a vast pool of ideas, facts, and concepts you can draw on to support your arguments and to engage in abstract and creative thinking.

Get respect and credibility

Do you ever wonder why politicians are often so influential?
It's largely due to the vocabulary they use. Of course, they have hordes of communication experts to help them give inspiring speeches, but that does not change the nature of that communication. Vocabulary is powerful.
It can stir emotions and inspire action in people. Even in its simplest form, a strong vocabulary grants you respect and credibility establishing you as competent thought leader in your field, or for that matter an ardent connoisseur of the conversation topic at hand.

Yes, it might be easier for younger children to learn new words than it is for an adult, but it is never too late. You can start improving your vocabulary today.

There's so much quality content and practice material, both online and offline, that there's not reason to wait before you start expanding your vocabulary and knowledge, and reaping the benefits a rich vocabulary grants you.

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