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The Emotional Side of Positive Change

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Positive change evokes and emotion. Every change begins with a decision to do or not do.

Take a moment and ask yourself what emotion or question arise when you think of your individual positive change. What are the benefits of this change? Personal change can feel good and it also can make you feel bad. Let's take an honest look at your positive efforts and how chaos can feel as all hell is breaking loose.

I personally have had some trying times in my life when things around me did not go as planned, tragedy creeped in, loss overtook my ability to feel. I had to come to a placed of acceptance and reunited myself with the power of feeling and opening myself up to emotional healing. For a while I went back and forth with change as being comfortable felt safe. It was not until I got sick and tired of being sick and tired that I made a decision to stick with change.

Let's break positive change down. We want positive change to meet a desire. We want positive change for:

  • Better Health: Optimum health gives us the strength to do what we are required to do. Promoting better practices like eating healthy, self-care, resting, meditation, yoga, spiritual connection are all needed for expansion.
  • Financial Freedom: Let's be honest we want freedom from the living paycheck to paycheck syndrome. We want more out of life to debt free and to live a life of abundance. You are tired of paying Peter to Pay Paul and you know that you have the innate ability to see this dream in manifest form.
  • Your want more time: There are 24 hours in a day but you feel like you need 48. You desire time to work on your goals, spend time with family and friends and doing what you love.
  • You want your actions to be soul driven and not based out of the expectations and opinions of others.
  • You want your lifestyle to match your desires.
  • You want to help more people get what they want while doing the same thing.
  • You want to heal old wounds and let the past light the way instead of keeping you in the same old space.

Will positive change help you to acquire these things? The answer is absolutely. Without question!

Emotions are a call to action it requires you to do something and gain awareness of your true self. Positive change can promote a new way of thinking. It teaches one to be more responsive than reactive. We put more thought into our daily activities. How we choose to view the world and even our circumstances.

We lose friendships, jobs, family participation. We also gain a new way of thinking, speaking, friendships, partnerships and finances. We grow a better way to handle conflict and look at things with a heart centered view. We learn empathy and intention settings.

The reality is you can feel beautiful in the most trying of times in your life. You are resilient and have the ability to turn your lemons in life to sunshine. Respecting how you feel and acknowledging is one key to self mastery.

There is a quote that says:

Whenever you start guiding yourself by caring about how you feel, you start guiding yourself back into the stream of source energy, and that is where clarity is, that is where joy is.~ Abraham Hicks

Don't you want to feel that joy again?

Take the moment to think about the emotion your positive change is evoking. Ask yourself "What am I feeling? What are these emotions trying to tell Me?" Sit with your feelings and a create a plan to do more of what you love while riding yourself of the things that no longer serves.

Be disruptive, start a movement, clear your head and soul space for new fresh ideas and belief systems to come through. Give your emotions breathing room and take full ownership of your own healing. By doing this you are showing an authentic view of yourself and how positive change practice daily leads to ultimate transformation.

Tell me in the comments what emotions arrive while you are promoting positive change.

All the best to your newness.

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