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Embrace The Struggles of Change

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Change "“ According to Merriam Webster, one definition of the word is to undergo transformation, transition, or substitution. Another is to make different.

As humans, it's common for us to resist change in any form or fashion. If you study the lives of people throughout the world, you will find they're deeply seated in a ton of ritualistic, routine-based functioning.

struggles_of_changeIn light of the evidence, the old saying "˜we are creatures of habit' is infinitely factual.

Now most of us are resistant to change. In general, I've yet to find a single person who is completely fine with changes in life, whether they be large or minute. We are resistant to change because it makes us uncomfortable; and no one wishes to revel in discomfort.

However, aspects of our lives are going to change whether we like it or not. We age, lose loved ones, change jobs, get fired, etc. Nothing in our world will be consistent forever. Change, in general, is usually a struggle against every fibre of our being. We'd rather live comfortable, meaningful lives without any disruption to our daily routine.

The great part about change, though, is our ability to learn and grow as a result of having to adapt. In fact, change is really the only thing we will ever experience on a consistent basis. So, while our struggles with change may seem cumbersome, we must accept and learn from them.

Embrace All Aspects of Change

From the time you entered this world, you've experienced a multitude of changes and you will continue to experience them until you return to the earth. What we must learn is that while change is inevitable, we don't have to be so full of resistance. Change can be a great thing, if your perception is altered a bit.

In order to do this, we must first look at our struggles that pertain to whatever changes you may be experiencing in life. The struggles are there for a reason "“ to teach you something. If you never struggled, you'd never develop into a better person.

Think about any previous adversity you may have experienced and eventually surfaced from. If you cannot claim to have learned something or at least know yourself better as a result, I would like to take your pulse.

Therefore, every time you are presented with a major change in life, you must learn to embrace the struggle for all it's worth and know without a doubt that the discomfort associated with the change will not last forever. It's imperative to understand that you do have control over how you view the situation and if you learn to embrace the struggles for what they're worth, you will learn and grow as a result of said change in your life.

Your Discomfort Is Only Temporary

Everything happens in seasons. The winter always springs and the summer always falls. New life and opportunity abounds for those who can weather the storm. If you are dealing with a rather difficult change in your life such as the loss of a loved one, a financial disaster, or a shaky break-up, remember that the pain associated with such a change is only temporary.

The most important aspect of the process is accepting that change is going to come; you must embrace the way you feel and all the struggles you experience as a result of your feelings. It's okay to be mad and upset; the most important aspect of dealing with unwanted changes in life is to remember that the discomfort is only a season and it too shall pass.

Take Note Of Right Now

Right now is all we'll ever have. Yesterday is gone forever and tomorrow is never promised. All we have is this moment in time. My grandmother once told me that nothing else matters except how you feel at any given moment. Now, of course we have to realize we only ever really feel (in the present tense) anything right now, not tomorrow or yesterday. All we ever have conscious control of is the now.

Stop for a second and recognize what's going on right now. What is it that you can appreciate and be thankful for at this very moment?

What can you learn from the struggles you're currently facing? What can you discover about yourself by choosing how to feel and by dealing with the changes that weigh so heavily on your mind?

Remember, changes are consistent with the daily lives of everyone in the world. No one will live and die without experiencing plenty, if not many drastic changes during their existence. The only way to cope with your struggles is to embrace them for all their worth and gain as much knowledge from each experience.


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