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Eliminate Unnecessary Stress With These 3 Steps

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Every day we have the ability to focus on what matters most in life. We ultimately are the ones who control our own destiny and need to be vigilant about protecting our path.

One of the best ways to stay on course is to get a clear understanding of what your day looks like. Think about that recharges you in life, lifts you up and inspires you to becomes the best version of you.

Who are the people in your life that make you smile and bring out your best? What activities bring energy to your day and help bring out your creative flow and imagination? What places do you visit that bring clarity to your life and help you refocus on your ultimate vision?

eliminate_unnecessary_stressOn the other hand- you need to understand and identify the people,activities and behaviors that bring you down. You'll never be able maximize your potential and stay motivated if you don't set your day up with things that keep you energetic and positive.

To help you with this process I'm going to lay out a simple plan you can use to re evaluate your day and prime your schedule with more energy and positive vibes.

Step 1- Make a mind map of the things that give you energy and suck energy out of your life on daily basis.

I usually use a white board for this concept but a piece of notebook paper works well too.

Here are some example of activities that give me energy, keep me focused and help me recharge.

1. 10 minute breaks in between long periods of sitting.
2. Taking a walk in the woods with my dog.
3. Working out for at least 20 minutes everyday and eating nutritious whole foods.
4. Starting everyday with an hour focused on my personal development.
5. Networking with people who challenge me and inspire me to grow.
6. Making time for quality time for my family and those that I care about most.

Here are some examples of things that suck energy out of life and make it hard for me stay focused and on track.

1. Drinking alcohol during the week.
2. Spending to much time on social media during the day.
3. Not getting quality rest every night.
4. Eating meals high in processed carbohydrates.
5. Checking emails first thing in the morning.
6. Spending to much time with people who don't challenge themselves on a consistent basis.

Step 2- Optimize your day for energy and happiness.

One of the biggest things I've learned from coaching clients over the past decade is the importance of not overwhelming people on day 1. Changing your behaviors takes discipline and you want to focus on eliminating bad habits one step at a time. Take a look at your personal mind map and make a commitment to eliminate 1-2 energy suckers out of your life.

Step 3- Create a personal 30 day challenge for yourself.

Once you've analyzed your day and committed yourself to making a change, it's time for an action plan. There's no better way to get things rolling than with a personal 30 day challenge. For the next 30 days your goal is to replace 1-2 energy suckers with things that fuel your day with happiness, creativity, better health and inspiration. Make an effort to pull yourself to the edges of your comfort zone and strive to eliminate the things in your life that don't bring out your best self.

Let me know what types of things bring energy to your life in the comments section! I am always looking for ways to set my day up with things that give me a mental edge :).

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