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Ebb and Flow

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When I start a new project, I tend to have this incredible amount of excitement at the beginning.   I'll work on it for hours and hours straight.   I'll stay up late.   I'll wake up early eager to get back to work on it.

It's an incredible feeling; a constant adrenaline rush. Eventually though, it subsides. In the past, this was when I would become less productive. Maybe lose interest and eventually move on to something else.

ebb_and_flowWhen that excitement is there in the beginning, I'm hyper-focused. No task or problem can slow me down.   But when the excitement subsides, everything is still the same; I just look at it differently. It ceases to become "˜fun' and "˜exciting' and becomes actual "˜work'.   But that's just how it is. Anything worth doing, I've learned, is going to require a commitment.   A commitment to show up every day, with a good attitude, for a long period of time in order to see results.

It Takes Time"¦

And during that time, there are going to be ups and downs. Days I don't feel like doing anything and days I'm on a roll.

I read something the other day that helped my perspective on this. That a successful life requires the right philosophy. And that philosophy is that results require commitment.   Success in health, fitness, business, family, all require daily commitment.

You show up every day, consistently, for a long period of time, and with a good attitude. And a little plus a little eventually adds up to something great.   I like that philosophy, and having one philosophy that covers all aspects of my life clicks with me. It's simple and it makes sense.

And It Will Get Tough"¦

So yes, there are days when I don't feel like doing anything. Days (weeks!) where I'm in a funk, and just can't seem to get out of it.   And I was made aware that it's all a part of the ebb and flow of life.

There's two sides to every coin. Cold and hot, wet and dry. One allows the other to exist. If there was no such thing as "˜cold', we wouldn't need a word to describe "˜hot'.   And the one allows us to understand the other better.

Without feeling pain, you might not appreciate love as much. Without struggle and sacrifice, success would not be as sweet (if at all). Without the bad days where I don't want to get out of bed, I wouldn't learn the true meaning of commitment and integrity.

But Hard Times Shape Character And Commitment

Integrity is, after all, keeping your word. Doing what you said you'd do long after the mood has passed. Right?   It's easy to say you'll do something when you're pumped up and motivated. But days and weeks later, when that mood is gone, do you follow through? People notice if you do. Life notices if you do.

I'm learning to appreciate and embrace the ebb and flow of life. When things are going smoothly, I take notice and I enjoy the moment. When things start to get hectic, when I struggle, when my heart aches, I take notice also.   I don't fight it anymore, and I don't complain.

I've learned that during those times is when I have an opportunity to learn and grow. To practice my understanding of commitment and integrity. To maintain my daily disciplines when times are tough. And to appreciate what I'm going through, so that I can fully appreciate it when the other side of the coin reveals itself.

I'm learning to enjoy the ebb and flow of life. Because if I only appreciate the good times, then I'm only appreciating half of my life.

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