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Creating Leads and Sales From Webinars

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Our LIVE training starts again this Thursday and it reminds me of all the things it takes to prepare to run proper and valuable webinars for your viewers (creating leads and sales).

A webinar is another way to provide a LIVE training or education lasting about 90 minutes and up to 4 hours on a specific topic.  I have found 90 minutes to be a good length of time.  Our next LIVE Training will be, 3 NEW WAYS Coaches Can Get More Leads and Sales.

Basics of a webinar include: 


Notice the title of my next training (3 NEW WAYS Coaches Can Get More Leads and Sales) and think about the headline of your webinar.  It's important to consider what "hook" you think will get people to attend your training.


There are plenty of webinar providers like Webinar Jam, ZOOM, GoTOWebinar, Google Hangouts, or even use a Facebook LIVE (with a little ingenuity).  A provider will give you the ability to coordinate a webinar (including registration and email onboarding and follow up to your prospective new clients).


Use something like PowerPoint or Keynote for a presentation that helps you deliver the education and value.  Give yourself time to create a proper script.  A prepared presentation helps you stay focused and ensures a better delivery for your viewers.  ALWAYS give value so that your viewers remember that you provided quality information they can use.


After you've prepared a script, how will you promote it?  You can use Facebook LIVE and/or Facebook Messenger, or advertising and get people registered for your webinar (or LIVE Training).  Consider everything that goes into promotion including titles, images, and text.


Always have a way for people to register to your webinar and capture and build your email list. Follow it with a proper thank you page (thanking them for registering).  You can even add a free gift as part of your thank you and to entice even more registrants.


Bring the energy!  No one wants to invest time listening to someone who doesn't emote emotion, energy, and enthusiasm.  When you're excited…your audience will be excited to stay and watch, as well.

The only way to get experience doing webinars (or LIVE Trainings) is to dive in and do them (and keep doing them)!  Find a partner you can work with who will help you prepare the webinar and support you while you're on the air.

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