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How to Conquer that Overwhelming Feeling (Even If Nothing else Worked Before)

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Are you reaching that point again?

The point when you feel like any minute you'll fall apart. When you feel like you desperately need a vacation. When you want to quit.

You are not alone. We live in high pressure, high expectation times and millions of people are experiencing the same feelings right now.

We have too much to do and we fall victim to overwhelm and stress. We wonder when we'll have time for ourselves, time to relax and recharge.

Are we destined to be in a constant rat race until we retire? Of course not!

You can stop the stress. It may be one of the best things you do in a long time. Here are five questions that will open your mind and propel you into a more peaceful life.

Are you your worst enemy?

Do you ever promise more than what you can deliver? Or do you have trouble saying no, even though you know you won't be able to do it? Do you often feel like you have to do things perfectly and stress about it?

We all have limits. We just can't do it all.

When you accept your limits and start respecting them, you'll see stress disappear in front of your eyes. Once you learn how to set limits and to say no before you reach them, you'll be on your way to calmer days.

Can you benefit from stress?

Have you noticed how efficient you become when you are under a deadline? Yes, stress has a positive side, as long as you don't overdo it.

Scientists now agree that feeling overwhelmed and stressed for a long time can cause anxiety, health problems and even depression. You may never see these extreme manifestations in your life but you may inexplicably be more prone to colds or other sicknesses. Those are warning signs you need to slow down.

So if you are under stress know that there are some benefits you can reap of it, as long as it's for a short time.

Is your environment making you feel overwhelmed?

Noise, smog, clutter can all cause stress. If you work or live downtown you are well aware of it. Though some types of environmental stress will be hard to avoid without radical changes, other things are under your control.

Clutter around you distracts you and makes you feel overwhelmed. But it's something you can conquer. If you decide to clean your desk, put piles of paper away, or organize your laptop's desktop, you'll experience peace right away.

Are you laughing enough?

Laughter is great therapy. It releases endorphins and kicks stress and overwhelming feelings out of your life.

Don't underestimate the power of a good chuckle. It changes your mood.

If you are usually stressed in the morning, turn on a funny radio show or podcast, or download one from iTunes or Stitcher. It will help you arrive to work in a much better mood even if you hit tons of traffic along the road.

Have you created a would-like-to-do list?

You have many to-do lists, you are probably a pro at writing them. They are long, boring, and depressing.

But did you ever create a would-like-to-do list?

When you do have a Saturday free do you stay at home and tackle the next few tasks on your to-do list? Or do you head out for some much needed time to recharge?

If you don't have a would-like-to-do list, full of things that excite you and fill your soul, you will likely spend half a day doing chores, a few hours on your phone or your computer, and maybe go out for dinner. Not exciting and definitely not soul-refreshing.

A would-like-to-do list will motivate you to find the much needed time to recharge and decompress.

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed is something most of us have to deal with every day.

And those feelings won't go away by themselves.

Don't let them threaten your happiness.

Search your soul today and make the changes you need to eradicate stress and overwhelm from your life.

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