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Ask The Coach 4 – How to Use the Law of Attraction

In this weeks session Steven Aitchison answers the question 'How do I use the law of attraction in my life? posed by one of the readers.

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This is the fourth session of Ask The Coach. The main aim of this weekly session is to ask you, the reader, to ask a question to the coach by posting a comment on this post and each week myself and Ayo Olaniyan will attempt to help you by answering your question.

Question from Elham answered by coach Steven Aitchison

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Question: How do I use the Law of Attraction in my life?

Hi Elham thanks for asking a question on Ask The Coach

You asked how to use the law of attraction in your life. This is a question a lot of people have asked ever since the film 'The Secret' was released and made even more popular by Esther and Jerry Hicks books.

I think a lot of people are slightly confused about the law of attraction and how it works. To be honest I used to think that the message they were trying to tell us was 'If you think about something long enough you will eventually attract it into your life'. This is not true at all and when I got more into it and started using it, the principles of the law of attraction are relatively easy, but you still need to work at it.

My take on this Elham is that when you think about something you want in life, you essentially plant a seed in your mind. If you left this seed without watering it, i.e. don't think about it again, nothing will happen. However, if you think about what you want everyday you grow the seed into something bigger. There will come a point where the seed has grown into a small plant and it has started to flower. When you get to this point you will not be able to ignore it any longer and you have to take action to get what you want.

The point where you take action is the point that things will start to happen for you. You will start to notice possibilities that you didn't see before, you will start to meet people who can help you with your goal. This is the part they call 'The Law of Attraction'. It's not the point when you first planted the seed, it's the point when you first started taking action on the seed that had grew into a plant.

5 Steps to using the Law of Attraction

1. Plant the seed

I would write a list out of the things you really want in life, no more than 10 items on the list. Then, put them in order of importance to you.

2. Water the seed

From the list you made, take the most important and start thinking about it. when I say thinking about it, take 5 minutes and imagine what it is like having it in your life, see it, who is there with you? what are the surroundings like? what does it feel like? really get into it as if you had it in your life already. Keep doing this for as long as it takes until the dream becomes so big you have to do something about it.

3. Taking action

Now the dream has grown as big as it can in your mind it's time to take action on it. If your goal is to become a writer, start writing immediately. Don't worry if you are no good at writing just now, the only way to become good at writing is to write. Don't analyze, don't study, just write. When you keep writing you will want to learn more about the craft. This is when you start reading other writers you admire and look at their style, but keep writing.

4. Keep going

Using the example above if you keep writing every day and have studied your favourite authors you will start to develop a writing style, your own voice. This is the point a lot of people give up. They have gotten so close to their goal but they give up at the crucial point. This is also the point that you will start to see, seemingly, strange coincidences in your life. You will start to notice flyers for writers groups in your area, you will see ads for freelance writers, you will be asked for help from other aspiring writers etc. This is when you know that what you are doing is right and it fuels you even more to continue with your goal.

5. Look at your other goals

Some goals will take a long time, like the example above, other goals might happen a lot quicker depending on what they are. You will also notice that from the list of 10 goals you had, some of them will have started happening for you, simply because you have started using the law of attraction and you are automatically using it on a daily basis.

Using an example from my own life. 6 weeks ago I decided that I really wanted to grow my blog and make a real go of making it big in blogging. I started writing every single day. Nothing much happened at first but I kept going. Then I noticed an ad for a blogging bootcamp run by a famous blogger, after that everything started taking off and I now have a part time paid position with a big blog, have written and published a few freelance articles and have had a lot of requests for help. It really does work, the trick is to persevere and to help others along the way.

I hope this answers your question Elham

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life coach steven aitchisonFor anybody who doesn't know me here is a short bio. Steven Aitchison has been writing for Change Your Thoughts blog for 3 years. He has a BSc in Psychology and is currently working as a drug and alcohol addiction worker. His main interests in the field of psychology are thought processes, belief formation and the dreaming mind.

'I believe anybody can be coached to reach their true potential, sometimes it just takes a nudge, some direction, and a little encouragement.'

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