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Align your vibration to resonate with the Earth

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There's a positively charged electrical field surrounding the Earth. The Earth itself carries a negative charge. While not taken seriously in their time, past scientists such as Nikola Tesla studied the frequency of the Earth. In the 1950s, the German physicist W.O. Schumann and his students carried out experiments with electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere and the ionosphere. Schumann discovered a natural pulse resonating around the Earth at a frequency of 7.83 Hz, widely known as the Schumann resonance.

While this is great scientific information, there are other important facts to take into account in regard to our practice. Connecting with the Earth's resonance is essential. Not doing so can lead to lowered levels of melatonin, a cancer suppressant and cell-rejuvenating hormone produced in the brain. Electromagnetic pollution can even inhibit our ability to connect with the Earth's natural pulse in a physical sense.

The Earth is a living being. It's starting to vibrate at a frequency we haven't witnessed before. The frequency of the planet has been increasing very quickly throughout the last 10 years, and has almost doubled. The planet's energy is expanding. The Earth is basically talking to us through her vibration.

The real question is, how are we tuning in to these new frequencies? If we don't tune in, pain is generated, and it hurts a lot. It not only hurts your body, but your emotions end up all over the place and your mind becomes a wreck.

Planet Earth and blue human eye with violet and pink day makeup. woman eye paintingWhy does this vibration matter to your life?

It matters because it's like putting a lightbulb into a circuit that carries more electricity than the lightbulb can handle. If we don't adjust our nervous systems and our energetic bodies, the Earth's energy will become just too much for us to take. It's necessary for us to align our bodies with the Earth, allowing us to move more comfortably through this physical world as its energy becomes stronger every day.

This phenomenon is happening all around the world. So if you think that you're alone in being sensitive and maybe feeling a little crazy, relax! You're just being triggered by this new flow of energy and need to realign.

We've created the misconception that being involved with cultivating a more conscious humanity is something that's reserved to a select few. It's not! We're all going through this process. It's happening right here and right now, all over the world. Many people are suffering, and not just economically. The number of people with depression is huge. This is because there's a disconnect in the area of life linked to love, inspiration and purpose. Our vibrations aren't aligned with our environment anymore. We're living unnatural lives "¦ uninspired lives.

This isn't about assigning blame, especially not to those who are suffering the most. Also, it's not about feeling superior because you believe that being on a certain spiritual path makes you better than others, "more awakened." If you believe this, you're being duped by your own ego-mind, and you need to realign with the truth of the Earth's awakening that brings kindness rather than separation.

It's such a gift to be on this Earth right now, and to be aware of the changes underway. We're being called to be with our tribes. We're being called to be our authentic selves. This is why we experience such pain, such as depression, when we aren't aligned. If we don't adapt, we go into a separatist mindset. We stay in the structures that we've been socially programmed to work with, believing "I have to be this; I have to be that; I can't do this; I can't do that," and so on.

When do we start to free ourselves?

Girl walking barefoot on the stones in heart shapeEmbodiment and grounding

Many philosophies and traditions, including Toltec, Mayan and Tantric agree that our internal shift has to start with our bodies. Our bodies are the place where we start to enjoy being alive. We in-joy: we enjoy being in our bodies, on Earth, right now.

If that isn't happening naturally for you at this time, that's in a strange way great, even though it doesn't feel like it. It's a sign that there's plenty of beautiful yet demanding inner work for you to do in order to uncover what makes you happy and joyful.

We can all do this. Every time the part of us that doesn't feel good enough or compares us to others shows itself, we can thank it for showing up and, now that the Earth's vibration is so high, channel it to accelerate our own growth.

Grounding, or connecting to the Earth, is one of the most powerful practices we can use to remain centred in life. Connecting to the Earth corresponds to connecting to who we really are. This protects us from emotional rollercoasters and reckless thinking.

To start, simply go outside barefoot. Stand and spread your feet wider than your hips, at a 45-degree angle, and bend your legs. This will open your hips, and you'll also get to use the strong muscles of your legs to support yourself. Let your legs be active as the grounding point for the rest of your body.

Tuck in your tailbone and feel how there's a straight line of connection from your tailbone all the way down to the centre of the Earth. Our connection with the Earth is always present, but we need to be more aware of it, and getting into this position is a great way to be more conscious of it. This is especially efficient since the hips are a part of the body where deep emotions that are hard to deal with get stuck.

Breathe down into your hips and into your belly. Get lost in the sensations that arise.

When we're grounded within our bodies, it becomes so much easier to receive the imperfect parts of ourselves with kindness rather than panic or resentment. It might take time to get there, but it's beautiful and worthwhile work!

Harnessing the power of sound

Sound is the fastest way to change our vibrational frequency, because with the help of air, we can generate a sound that induces our body, tissues and cells to vibrate. This is one of the reasons why sound healing is so powerful. Sound gets to our core without any trouble, and reaches not only the body, but also the energetic body. With the vibration of the sound we're exposed to, our bodies are able to effectively go back to their natural state of peace, harmony, clarity, intuition and joy.

If you play an instrument, sing or are in a band, you might already be familiar with the benefits of sound healing. Sound healing is not only beneficial in terms of our vibration and physical health, it's also extremely potent when it comes to changing our mindset. I've had students who started crying instantly when we got into sound healing practices. They tapped into emotions and energy that had been completely stuck until then.

As the vibration of the Earth rises, we're being called to become who we're truly meant to be, and unlocking the hidden wounds that are holding us back is an indispensable part of this process.

When practicing sound healing, observe how you breathe. Close your eyes and return to that place in which you can see yourself as the unique and special being that you are. That's your natural state!

Silhouette young woman practicing yoga on the beach at sunset.Practice Shamanic Yoga

So what is Shamanic Yoga? It's the perfect association of the disciplines of Yoga and Shamanism. The association of these two branches of spiritual practice allows us to create a truly holistic practice that takes into account all the aspects of the individual and the world that surrounds us: spiritual, physical, psychological, energetic and so on.

Practicing Shamanic Yoga isn't just about coming back into our bodies and enjoying the knowledge of this great Eastern philosophy. While Yoga by itself is already amazing, Shamanic Yoga fully embraces the importance of seeing ourselves as beings who are part of Nature and as children of the Earth.

Shamanic Yoga involves connecting to the Earth and the elements; calling on the power and wisdom of the elements, of Nature, of our ancestors or even on the power of each asana. Asanas such as Sun Salutations, Tree Pose and Cobra Pose are actually deeply linked to the Earth's natural powers and to animals. You can also open your practice with an offering to Divine Forces and a call for direction. Through Shamanic Yoga, we're able to become empowered through our transformation as individuals and our active participation in the Earth's healing.

We're all living laboratories

I hope these tools I've described will help you kick-start or continue your spiritual journey as the Earth's vibration continues to rise. Its energy, combined with the transformative forces brought on by eclipses and planet movements might feel overwhelming at times, but the wisdom that's necessary to embrace these changes is certainly within you. Inside, we're all living laboratories"”we just need to learn how to navigate our own.

We're all alchemists, so let's do it! Our beautiful planet is asking us to.

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