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How to achieve your dreams even when they are so wild to talk about out loud

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You are feeling meh most of the time, aren't you?

You are not quite "there" yet. You don't really hate your job, but it doesn't inspire or challenge you.

You don't really have anything to complain about your life, it is "quite OK" but you rarely feel excited or happy.

You go to work every day, just to hope that day will over soon so you can come back home and do things you like. When you get home, you don't know what to do, which movies to watch, or what time you go sleep.

You go with the flow. In your free time, you are bored and only do things that you feel like it.

You know that you are bored with life.

You want to get out of this loop. You want to be excited about your job, be passionate about what you do all over again.

You have dreamt of the person you want to become since you were a kid. But your dreams seem to be so wild, so out of reach that you never consider it seriously.

What if I tell you that you can achieve any of your dreams, even the wildest one which you cannot tell anyone else about, are you willing to give it a try?

Here's how.

The most important thing that allows you to achieve your goal

It is not money. It is not fame. It is not how talented you are. It is none of that.

The most important thing is belief.

Belief is the only thing that can make or break your dreams. And this is brilliant because you can decide to believe in something or not. Your belief is fully under your control. Or, is it?

Are you fated to fail?

Bad news: you are hard-wired to fail, especially on achieving big things.

Here's why.

Your brain is wired to protect you. When you were a kid, you tried to do things, and you got hurt. Every time you got hurt, you learned not to do so again.

Eventually, your brain learned that when you do something unusual, you would get hurt. And your brain tried to protect you by saying you would fail before you even do it.

Do you find yourself searching for all the reasons you cannot succeed before you start?

Do you find yourself waiting for the right time until all the resources are available so your success is guaranteed?

If that's something you often do, here is the bigger question.

Why don't you search for the reasons you can succeed? Why can't you make your situations work for you?

Because that's how your brain protects you. Your brain protects your vulnerability and your feelings. It conditions throughout your life to doubt yourself.

You appreciate how thoughtful your brain is. But really, it backfires on you.

It makes you believe that you are a victim of life and your situation doesn't work.

Once you believe in what your brain tells you, you are done. You are done putting yourself out of your comfort zone and discover what you can do. You are done pushing yourself to your own limits and explore new things. You give up before you even think about it.

How to truly believe in yourself

Now you know the secret to achieve everything you ever want is belief. And you naturally don't have it because your brain plays on you.

But here is the good news: you can play that game too.

You can decide what to believe, you can trick your brain and make it believe in all the things you want. Once it believes, it will make those things become your reality to prove it is true.

Here's exactly how to do that.

Be specific

What is your dream? What do you want to achieve in your life? Do you even know?

When it comes to dreams, many people don't know what they really want.

"I want to be happy and successful".

But what does "happy and successful" mean to you?

Have 1 million dollars under your name? Have someone who loves you and cares for you?

Be as specific and detailed as possible.

You don't have to figure out how you are going to achieve them, that's not your job.

Imagine you have a guardian angel who always protects and provides you with everything you need, but you have to tell her exactly what you want first.

There is no right or wrong, too big or too small. If you ask for it, she will provide.

Visualize it

You have told yourself what you desire is, next step is to visualize it.

Your secret angel is very powerful, but she gets confused by all the information you give her every day.

You not only need to tell her what you want, but you also have to show her.

She is connected with you. Use your imagination to draw a picture of your dream, as clearly as possible so she can see it.

Once you show her what you really want, you will start to notice you are unexpectedly doing things that take you closer to your dreams.

Feel it

Imagine all of your dreams have come true. You become exactly as successful, healthy, happy and wealthy as you ever want. What will you feel?

Pretty awesome I guess.

Feel that all the time. You can play double-agent here. You live your normal life, but you feel your ideal life.

Your feeling is like a transmitter. It sends signals to the universe and attracts the same type of signals to make itself bigger, stronger. Because of its frequency, the universe releases the same frequency back to you, turning that feeling into reality. That is when your vision shapes your life.

Take the first action

Many people hesitate at this final step. They feel the urge in their guts telling them to take action, but they ignore it.

Because they fear. They feel guilty for being fear even they believe in their dreams. And they use that as an excuse to put it off.

Being fear is normal. There is no shame in being it. Accept this and follow your heart.

When you are scared, it is time to act.

It is your dream, it is your turn

Think about this.

You wake up early in the morning and decide you will have a wonderful day today.

Well, why not?

You don't have to go to the job you hate anymore because you run your own dream business. You are excited about the work you do. It is meaningful, valuable and it allows you to make people happy, including yourself.

You and your partner have the best relationship, you feel the passion and the sparks between you too.

You live in the moment. You appreciate everything you have in your life. You are truly free and happy.

You literally are busy enjoying every single second of your life.

When does it happen?

It happens when you decide your time being a zombie is over. It is the time you decide to take full control of your life, who you can be and what you feel. It is the time you tell yourself you have had enough of this boring life, and you will live your dream.

It all starts with the first step. And from there you thrive.

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