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8 Super Fun Ways To Boost Your Brain Power Right Now

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We all would ideally love our brains to be sharp as tacks forever. Whether or not we can achieve this, time will only know, but in the meantime there are many fun little and simple things you can do to keep your brain active and sharp. Too many of us fall into a pattern of work, home, TV and sleep. Rinse and repeat the next day and the next day. Work tires us out and we don't feel much like doing anything too productive after an 8 or 10-hour work day let alone work up our brains again. Fear not. These are fun and effective.

It is important to keep our brains busy, just as tend to our bodies. We like to eat healthy and stay fit but often forget our brains need a work out too. These fun little things will give your brain a nice healthy boost.

Brain FrequenciesCrossword puzzles.

The best by far but make sure you don't always just do the easy ones you like to do, and do all the time. Try challenging yourself a bit with different types of puzzles. Do the number ones if you always do the word ones or vice versa. This will boost your brain up super fast.

Learn a new language.

If you want to be fluent in another language now's the time to learn. Or maybe you just want to learn a few phrases and words. Grab a book, find a free online class and start practicing. Your brain will jump to the challenge and it will be frustrating at first, or fun, but once you get the hang of it you will love it.

Play an instrument.

Especially if you've never picked one up before in your life. A flute, a piano, a guitar or maybe even a kazoo. Find one and start playing it. you can do this for fun or as a new hobby. You can easily find free beginner's lessons on line to get you started. Your brain will thank you and love you for this one.

Read and follow a map.

Who uses maps anymore now that we have GPS's and maps on our phones. We plug in the coordinates and an automated voice tells us where to go, though not always accurately. Grab a map and follow the road. This simple exercise puts your brain in high gear and will also feeling very victorious that you actually read a map successfully and got you to your destination.

Volunteer at an animal shelter.

There is lots to learn and love about being with animals, especially ones that can't do anything for you but love you back.   Hanging out at a shelter will teach you new things about how to care for something other than yourself and your family. They require special care and with this new skill you will not only open your heart but your mind too.

Drink water.

Though this seems too simple and maybe a bit of a no brainer (pardon the pun) it should be noted that often, when we get too busy in our day with work and life, we forget to drink enough water, which then makes us feel tired, lazy and cranky. If you remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day, staying hydrated will not only keep your body in good physical health but will also keep your mind awake and sharp.

Get out in nature.

Grab a book about trees or flowers or birds even and get out and start identifying some of the things in the park down the street. Turn off the computer and the iPad and get out and enjoy nature. While you're out there, may as well learn about some of the things you see every day too!! Why not?

Learn a sport.

It could be tennis, or swimming, or bodybuilding. Pick something that has always interested you and go out and learn how to do it. When you're done learning it, find ways to improve on it or learn another one. Staying physically active is an excellent way to keep our brains sharp and active.

Our mental health is very important and it's mandatory to keep your brain exercised as you do your body. By the time you reach 80 or 90 or maybe even 100, you'll be fit, talented, happy and super smart!

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