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8 Shots Of Happiness To Revive Your Day

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Are you having an average day? That's ok, at least you're not having a bad day! But we don't need to walk around having mundane days either. Maybe it's too exhausting, but I think everyone can have a really great day any day of the year. It's all in your head. Happiness is a mental phenomenon, and we can usher it into existence by doing any number of great things to provoke it.

Let's have a great day today, and let other people have a great day with us. Here's some of those things we can do to stimulate our senses into making ever

happiness_21. Go have a laugh

Sometimes all you need to do is a have a good chuckle to spice things up. Usually when we interact with people, we end up laughing, at least a little. With our best friends, we have the chance to laugh a lot. But if your day regularly has large gaps in human interaction (perhaps you work from home, on the computer, or work in solitary conditions), you will feel an acute lack of pleasure in your life. That's because humans are communicative animals. We need to talk, to learn, to laugh. You don't even have to talk to people to laugh – watching something you think is funny can do the trick, but dealing with people is a much more natural approach

2. Connect with someone new

If you're afraid of talking to strangers, overcome it now. Go out to a coffee shop or restaurant and just talk to whoever is beside you. People actually enjoy it when others interrupt their work and give them a new ear to chat to. Try a quiet place with not many people, so that you don't feel the social pressure of eyes on you. Even if the store has nobody in it, eventually someone will come in. It's ok to talk to others, in fact, it's healthy, and it's a very rewarding experience to go home knowing you've met someone new, no strings attached.

3. Give someone you care about a hug

Nothing beats a hug from mom. But if she's not around, there's plenty of other people in your life to give a good squeeze to. It is a great way to touch others and feel loved and respected. Perhaps it's a strange thing we humans do, but the emotional reward is priceless. Go hug your best friend, your girlfriend, boss, coworker, whomever. You'll be happy when they reciprocate with a hug back! Share the love.

4. Drink coffee

This should be number 1. Put a kick in your day with a cup of coffee! There's a reason it's one of the most exported and consumed foods in the world. It wakes you up, improves your memory, clears your stomach of waste, makes you more attentive, makes you think faster… the results are endless. It stimulates conversation and opens your eyes a bit more to the world around you, improving your situational awareness. Go on, have a cup!

5. Go to bed early

There's nothing like home. Instead of stressing to fulfill your social life requirements, call it a day and just go to bed. Put on dim lights, soft music, and read filler magazines or enjoy a bath. The best way to unwind and smile is to relax in the place you never want to leave in the morning – your bed! It's ok to call it in early and get a great sleep. Everyday can feel like sleeping in, if you just go to bed early enough!
6. Turn off your phone

Turn off that rectangle in our pocket and involve yourself in something else. We always have this strong urge to continue to check our phone – it's natural, we love attention. We love to see if we have new messages, emails, or what the day's news is. But it doesn't take long to break a habit. If you put your phone out of sight for an hour and occupy yourself with something else – cleaning, reading, writing, work, thinking – the urge to attend to it will recede. Out of sight, out of mind.

7. Get your favourite food

Yum yum. Diet? Forget about it. If you want to have a fun day, go ahead and treat yourself to something nice (even better if you prefer healthy food!). If it's bad food, don't worry about it, your body will get rid of it soon enough. For now though, why not take the car or bike out and go hit up your local ice cream/smoothie/pizza/whatever you want and have a serving of your favourite bite. Pat yourself on the back for giving in when you would normally resist. You control your life!

8. Be extra nice to everyone!

Happiness is a reciprocal cycle. If you are in a city where nobody around you smiles or waves at each other, everyone will be depressed. But the more you do it, the more people will respond positively. When you are happier to people, you feel better, more social, and the sense of spreading cheer is exponential. Use it to your advantage to have yourself a wonderful day!

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