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8 Reasons Why Having a Daily Sacred Ritual Is Essential

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Do you ever experienced a specific time during the morning, day or night when you feel most connected to yourself? I like to engage in what I call a "sacred hour" each day. My sacred hour is the time of the day when I allow myself to drop away from any tasks, expectations or to-do's and revel fully in my body, heart and soul.

The sacred hour is when you honor your body through a ritual. When you say a prayer or connect to your divinity. When you drop away the false Self and truly listen in, trusting and surrendering to your soul's whispers. This certainly doesn't have to be limited to or as long as an hour, but it's just a start.

daily_ritualThe best way to have a blissful sacred ritual each day is to make it your own. I've found through my own personal journey that having sacred rituals in my day has caused a huge shift in all areas of my life. Here are eight reasons why having a daily sacred ritual is essential:

It connects you to your divinity

Depending on what you believe, this will always be a unique and personal journey for you, as it should be. Whether you relate mostly to mother nature, a specific religion, a mix and match of different ideologies and philosophies or you simply call it something like The Universe or The Divine (like me), having a daily sacred ritual will help you connect back to your true divinity. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. You are essentially a God or Goddess (swap those terms out if they don't resonate with you) in a sacred vessel that is your human form finding your way back to your own divinity through life experiences and lessons.

It decreases stress

Your daily sacred ritual(s) can be the biggest form of stress relief and really get your bliss hormones flowing quickly. Some ideas are: journaling, sitting outside with a cup of tea, saying a prayer, reading a spiritual book, meditating, doing yoga, or even something sensual like a self-pleasure ritual or sensual dance. If you really enjoy what you're doing and you put away the distractions you can really turn anything into a ritual. I personally love doing breast massage with coconut oil, dance as my meditation or taking long, hot baths by candlelight with rose petals like a total goddess. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, bring a sacred, divine mindset into it and it can truly transform your day and reduce your stress levels.

It makes life more sacred

Of course having a sacred ritual makes life itself even more sacred. It is my belief that once we recognize that life is a sacred journey, we can then begin the process of true healing. Nothing is more fulfilling than honoring your body and life in a truly divine or soulful way and bringing sacredness into your day through rituals is the best way for life to feel cherished, celebrated and aligned.

It strengthens the relationship with your body

If you take the time to really slow down, get mindful and take care of your body, heart, mind and soul through a daily sacred ritual, you are doing yourself a huge favor. As I mentioned before, it helps reduce stress and makes life more sacred, therefore, when you make that a priority, the relationship with your physical body thrives and grows even stronger. Your body is a sacred temple worthy and deserving of being honored and worshipped. You can do just that by engaging in a daily sacred ritual.

It helps you cultivate an abundance of self-love

Inviting sacredness and time to simply be or to enjoy being mindful and present into your day is the one of the best ways to honor yourself fully. This is because it's based on self-love and self-love is ultimately the greatest gift you can give to yourself. The more time you invest in loving yourself, the stronger and more abundant that self-love will be and before you know it, you'll be overflowing with love. When your own self-love cup is full and over-flowing you are then able to give to others in a healthy, empowering way.

It encourages you to establish healthy boundaries

I'm sure I'm not alone in this, but I'm very protective of my sacred rituals simply because of the previous explanations. It's my time to be with me and my divinity. To feel pleasure, bliss and love flowing through my heart and to slow down enough to lean in and hear the soft, but urgent whispers of my soul. When you engage in a sacred ritual"”or multiple rituals throughout your day"”you know what's important to you. You know that your inner and outer health along with your connection to your Self and divinity are priority. That means you'll take these into consideration when making plans or setting your schedule, because your rituals will become non-negotiable.

It lets you see beauty and meaning in all things

Sacred rituals are essentially celebrations of things that we consider beautiful, meaningful and impactful to us. Depending on the energy, intention and level of commitment you put into your rituals, it can be a large or small celebration of what society might normally deem as boring, mundane or unimportant. Having sacred rituals allows you to invite beauty and meaning into those things that you usually don't see beauty and meaning in. It also magnifies beauty and meaning in what is already celebrated or held sacred by other people, cultures, or by society.

It helps you embody your sensuality

Sensuality is an incredibly important aspect of our lives that is often deemed through societal conditioning as unimportant, dirty, bad, and wrong or is simply not on the thought radar due to a collective disconnection from our bodies, our senses and our pleasure. Your sensuality is innate from birth. It's everything you do as your senses allow you to move through life, feeling and experiencing it all. When you engage in a daily sacred ritual, you are taking the time to be in your body, with love and divinity in your heart and soul, therefore, you are experiencing and feeling it all sensually.

Notice how your soul soars and your heart ignites from within as you engage in your ritual. This is where you find peace and allow yourself to celebrate in a ceremonious way all of the good things in your body and life.

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