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8 Mantras We All Should Repeat Daily

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"Experience life in all possible ways- good-bad, bitter- sweet, dark- light, summer- winter. Experience all the dualities. Don't be afraid of experience, because the more experience you have, the more mature you become" ~Osho Mantras We all ShouldRepeat Daily

Every day I make it my daily ritual to be positive, speak bliss into my day and make the best out of whatever life brings my way. I have not always been this way, there were times that negativity, fear, anxiety, stress, busyness, incompletion was at the forefront of my life. What I realized is that every day is not going to be perfect but I have the power to create exactly how I want to feel. I learned how to feel all of my feelings without masking them for the sake of other people, or to instantly gratify myself.

Believe-in-youMy life need not be perfect for me to create extreme joy

Do you know that you have the power to create that in which you desire, and how you want to feel?

Some people use daily mantras to aid in the process of shifting your mindset, creating a sacred space in order for manifestation to occur, and to silence the inner, and outer chatter that fosters in negative energy. Daily mantras are usually written and then repeated daily as a means to build confidence, create momentum, and begin to build from the depths of your soul. These habits are not easy to continue regularly if you're not dedicated and haven't made it a part of your daily ritual such as bathing, brushing your teeth, or eating. To ensure that you are keeping up with the mantras, you can post them on your bathroom mirror, on your journal, or in the flap of your wallet just to ensure consistency.

Are you ready to uplift yourself?

Words have the ability to soothe the savage beast, so why not use the rhythm in your voice and the most beautiful fulfilling words to uplift you in a way that fosters in a lifestyle that oozes blissfulness. Your words hold energy that can shift the way in which your life is traveling at the present time. Bring all of you to your mantras and become aware of how you are feeling. Clarity sets in as you craft that in which you desire and get laser focused on what you do want.

Here are 8 mantras that we all should repeat daily

In gratitude lies my blessing– In the heart of thankfulness is a host of blessings waiting for you to seize. Stay filled with a heart of gratitude.

My greatest challenges created my resilience"“ Challenges have a way of making us aware and teaches us things that we need to learn. I found my resilience in my greatest challenge.

I release the need to control the outcome"“ too much time is spent on controlling a situations outcome release the need and affirm that all is as it should be and always works in your favor.

I share my happiness with those around me"“ Happiness should be shared, you never know you may be saving someone's life.

I will watch my words"“ words are like sweet honey, or venom. Choose your words wisely and let them be supportive, uplifting, and alluring.

My body is my vehicle"“ your body is to be well kept and filled with all things good. Practice the art of self- love and care.

I am enough"“ Just as I am there is so much value in me. I am more than meets the eye.

I am filled with love and compassion"“ Love is the key to heal our world, and compassion is its sister. The more love and compassion I have the more I am creating an impact in my world.

Today begin to create your personal mantras and learn them, breathe them, and recite them. You are creating a new and improved reality that is filled with all that you desire. Humor me and let me not be the only one who had to rewire her brain and do some massive surgery to create the life that I deem dope, prosperous, fulfilling and beautiful.

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