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8 Crucial Time Management Hacks

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Even though we are all such motivated and inspired people, There are some days where it's a struggle even just to get out of bed! I'm sure you know the feeling. It feels great to work, and it feels great to relax. Life is about balance. We need to have a nice balance between responsibility and relaxation in order to have a fulfilling life.

Our responsibilities through the week often add up to so much that we have a hard time finding time for ourselves or for our leisure activities. Sometimes the problem is not that we are too busy, but we are too distracted. We are distracted by media and laziness and even if we only have a few real responsibilities, it takes us a long time to get them done because we are disorganized. Here's a few things you can do to help smooth out the schedule.

make_the_clock_tick_for_you1. Listen to audiobooks

Hopefully you are someone that enjoys reading, learning and literature. Of course, we are all busy people and we all wish we had more time to read more, but we never seem to have enough time in our day for it. Consider all the time you have when you are doing "nothing;" that could be driving somewhere, commuting, or walking your dog. This is time you could be using to do that precious reading and studying. Through the course of a year, if you just listened to audio courses while you were doing your daily chores, you could probably learn another language by then!

2. Use a white or blackboard

If you're not already, get on board and purchase a whiteboard for yourself. They are affordable and easy to find thanks to the rise in entrepreneurship and commerce in modern times. Place it next to your working station. Having a whiteboard around is handy when you have fleeting ideas and schedules that you need to write down right away but can't be bothered to find a decent notepad, open it, find a working pen, and write down your ideas. Your marker will be within hand's reach and your ideas can simply be recorded and erased as quickly as you want. You can create sections for different ideas, and get a small or large board to suit your needs.

3. Consider quality

We are busy people and our schedules often lapse our sense of quality and judgement. We are so busy trying to cram everything in that we forget to mind the finer details. At the end of the day, it is more important and rewarding to finish one thing very well, than a hundred things unsatisfactorily.

Break down your day, your schedule, and pick out the most important things. Remember you have your whole life to get everything done. Don't make yourself feel rushed.

4. Define your priorities

Likewise, consider what are the most important things for you to do. Everyday when wake up you have a number of things to do and at the end of the day you want to make sure you feel satisfied by your accomplishments. Determine what your most important chores are, and complete them in a way that makes you feel satisfied. Do not overwhelm yourself or you will never take pleasure in your achievements.

5. Plan in advance

Take your day, your week, your month. Everyday we have an idea of what we need to do. Get that whiteboard out and start writing down your duties: try doing it weekly to start. As you go through the week, you'll be able to cross off or push over your responsibilities and at the end of the week you can see how much or little you've accomplished, and what changes you need to make to succeed. Don't set your goals too high – make sure all your ideas are digestible.

6. Schedule isolation

Sometimes that little rectangular phone in our pocket just seems to be vibrating all day. Notifications are flying in from Facebook, Email, Instagram, Twitter, or anything you're using. You need to take a bit of white collar meditation sometimes and enjoy your alone time – no phone, no computer. Nowadays due to the speed of social media we have a constant awareness of whether we are receiving messages or not. Schedule some time for yourself where you are not focussed on your internet or phone life, and let your mind recuperate.

7. Increase your daytime hours

It's no secret that we are much more focused during the day that not. At night time our body has been trained to feel more tired, become hungry, and get ready for bed. During the day is when our body is at maximum strength for productivity. This is keeping our body in tune with the circadian rhythm of nature. Use the most of your daylight hours to get everything done, and spend your nights unwinding, taking advantage of the evening cool.

8. Make your day longer

How about creating more sunlight hours in your day then? Studies show that people who wake up early and go to bed early are the most productive among us. It may sound like sacrilege to wake up at five, six A.M., or before the sun rises, but waking up with the sun will kickstart your day into motion for you. By the time noon rolls around you will be ready for lunch and surprised by how much you'd gotten done already! By evening time you'll have been able to do as much as you can in a healthy way throughout the day, and you will be naturally ready for bed and ready to do it again.

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