7 Ways to Stop Sulking

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"The best way you can cheer yourself up is to cheer someone else up" – Mark Twain

Ever felt like sulking?

It's hard in today's world, right? Everyone seems to be out for their own gain. People would rather frown than smile, would rather moan about the world than delight in its benefits. Doom and gloom everywhere we see.

But this isn't reality, it's only our reality. What we perceive the world to be is only our own perspective based on our beliefs and experiences. If we believe the world to be grey and miserable, it will appear that way. If we perceive the world to be stressful and difficult, then it will appear that way. Whatever way you look at it, the world will adjust itself to fit your views. Harsh? Maybe, but it's true.

So why not stop sulking, and be happy? Here are nine ways to stop moaning like it's the end of the world, and start enjoying yourself again:

1. There Will Never Be Another You

I'm the most important person in my life.

Sound cocky? Arrogant? Whatever it sounds like, it's true, and it always will be true. I'm the most important person for me, as you are the most important person for you. This applies to everyone, regardless of age, sex, race, culture, etc. In other words, the only person who will be able to live the mass potential that is your life, is you. No-one else will have the chances that you have, and no-one else will experience the same opportunities that you will encounter. It's all down, ultimately, to you, and that won't ever change.

An example: no-one will re-live Tony Robbin's rise to stardom, but Tony Robbins won't be able to experience what you experience. That's all down to you, and no-one else.

2. You Can Change At Any Point

There are going to be points in your life which you won't like; you might not like the way you behaved in a confrontation, or you might not have spent as much time with the children in the past. Well guess what? We have a gift to change all that.

We have the gift to look at ourselves and reflect on what isn't working. And then change it. We can change anything in our lives at any point, for something better. How about that? We can transform our lives whenever we want! Anytime you feel down, you can take action to feel better, and to do better, simply by changing your thoughts.

3. You Control You

Sometimes we genuinely believe we are forced into situations where we have no control, where we have to do what we're told. This, I preach, is false.

We are never forced into anything. Everything that we do, we choose to do, whether we recognise it or not. Granted, there will be moments in life where it would be extreme to go against what you're told, but the same applies. Only you have control over your actions.

We ALWAYS have the power to choose what we do next, no matter how much of it we exert. No-one else controls you, and you control no-one else. You control you.

4. Look Outside

Here's a tip; if you wanna sulk, take a look outside instead. Ignore the grey, dull clouds if there are any, and look closer. Everything is always there, but how often do we take it all in? There's a whole universe up there beyond the sky, and all the wonders of mankind. Yet all we can find is complaints about the weather.

Next time you're feeling down, look out your window, see what is there, and don't take it for granted. Really appreciate everything for what it is. Just picture in your mind what there is in the world and beyond. It might even make you happy.

5. Talk To Someone New

A key reason why we sulk is because we don't like our friends. We blame our friends for making our lives miserable, when this is far from the truth. If they deliberately set out to make us miserable we wouldn't be friends with them in the first place!

I remember looking back at one year in my life, and realising that I made one new friend over the whole year. Only one! I was shocked at the stagnation of my social circle. That's right, my circle had stagnated. Not good.

If you lack interesting conversations, try talking to new people. People you wouldn't normally talk to. At the very worst, you'll end up back where you started. At the very best, you'll have a new friend for life. Sounds like a good deal to me.

6. What Do You Love?

A lot of people move through life, and moan about it along the way, being totally unsure about what it is that they actually want to do. People in their fifties, even sixties, are still in jobs which they hate, yet they're too afraid to leave because they don't know what they'd do otherwise. They haven't taken the time to discover what it is they truly love to do, not just as a career, but for life.

What is it that you love doing? Really think on it here, what spurs you on? What can you see yourself doing as a career, spending most of your weekday hours towards? Take your time, be sure about what you want to do. Then charge towards it like an unstoppable animal!

7. Smile

All you have to do is…

Extend your muscles in your mouth and smile. No matter where you are, just smile. Smile for yourself, smile for everyone to see. Show the world you can be happy.

Your Turn

Do you feel uplifted after reading this article? If not, why not? How do you uplift yourself, and when? Let us know in the comments below 🙂


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