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7 Ways To Deal With People In A Bad Mood

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There are people who have bad days, people who have bad moods, and some people that just have a bad attitude. We are all prone to having bad days, but our advantage is that we can put on a smile and face the day with a good spirit. Some of us out there are not so fortunate, and tend to carry the chip on their shoulder everywhere they have to go. You know the type; cranky people in the grocery store, people who have intolerable road rage, or your self-absorbed brother or sister who still needs to tell you what to do and how to do it. Thankfully, we have a clear head, and don't need to proliferate the mood any more than it is already. How should we take care of all these negative people in our life? Here are some ideas.

passive_agressive1. Brush it off

Remember not to take things personally. There are billions of people out there, and not everyone is always in a good mood. The minute you think someone else's mood should affect you or is a consequence of you, is the minute your day is going to start going downhill as well.

2. Think of the bigger picture

Someone might be taking it out on you in this particular moment, but in another one, they are a calm and collected person with a loving family. They have parents who love them, and maybe they are parents who are loved. Even though they are are having a bad time right now, don't forget that in the grand scheme of things, they are valued members of the community just like you are.

3. Just a moment in time

A trendy word you might come across on the internet right now is Sonder ; a word that refers to the moment when you realize that all passersby also have a life as vivid and complex as your own. During every day you will see the rich, the poor, the young, old, positive and negative, and we should do our best to not find fault in people in the moment we are living together, for each of us are all living an abstractly complex and phenomenal moment.

4. Remain calm and carry on!

The worst thing you can do with negative people is absorb their energy and manifest it yourself. Remember to keep cool, find your balance and reflect the negative energy. If you lose your head and start getting impatient yourself, you are only magnifying the problem in the first place. Keep on being yourself; relax and let the energy go beyond your body. Use your calm and serenity to make the beast relax as well. Hopefully the person who is exuding negativity will soon come down to earth with you and you may even find yourself acting as the peacekeeper, bringing the situation from 100 to 0 and restoring balance to the moment.

5. Be extra positive

Although the person you are dealing with now may think you're being facetious, the more positive energy you can bring to the situation, the better. If the worst thing you can do is absorb the bad vibes, then the best thing you could do is deliver good vibes. Even if you have to be out of your normal character, the enforced positivity you can conjure will balance out the strength of all the negative energy coming your way. It might seem silly to be so happy or what have you, but it's the only way to counter a strong opposer.

6. Ignore the situation

Taken with a grain of salt, ignoring the negative per son and going away from it all may sometimes be the way out. Without someone for them to vent to, the person will have a bit more headspace to reconsider why they are in a bad mood at all. It may take a bit longer, but sooner or later they will probably come around and realize that they were overreacting in the first place, deduce why it happened, and be able to happily come to terms and reason with you. If this is your spouse, you might get a nice dinner date out of i t!

7. Be realistic

People who are negative are usually coming out of a place devoid of reason and moral structure, and need proper grounding in order to see the unnecessary exposure of bad energy. Take your time, respond calmly and collectively, and be realistic with the person. The energy you are using to relax the situation will bring all the tension down to reality again; there will be a hump to overcome when the upset individual will thin k it is silly that you are not reacting in a dramatic way as well. But if you stay the course, soon the person will run out of energy, and as they say, tears always lead to smiles.

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