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7 Tips from Super Achievers for Insane Productivity

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The chap in the next office over is intense. Happy, successful and insanely intense. He's got his shit together better than anyone you've ever met. He's a super achiever and he knows exactly what it takes to get there and stay there.

Super achievers are in a league of their own. But before you start hating on them, there's one thing you should know. You can be a super achiever too. It's an open league and any one can join. You really only need follow the tips below to be one of them.

insane_productivity1. Schedule like a fiend.

When you need to see a doctor or specialist, you make an appointment, mark it on your calendar, set a reminder on your mo bile device and show up. Super achievers plan their whole day like this.   They schedule bloc ks of time for different tasks, right down to exercise time. Everything gets marked on the calendar, like a doctor's appointment and they stick to the schedule like, you guessed it, a doctor's appointment. They know that dividing their time up properly for tasks allows for the best productivity.

2. Exercise.

Super achievers know that to perform at t he top of their game mentally, they must be in top form physically too. They understand the importance of exercise and have no trouble getting in at least 30 minutes every day. It's scheduled into their planners and if for some reason they miss their slotted gym time, they'll try to get some exercise in when they get home. A brisk walk maybe or plop in a workout DVD at home. Whatever they have to do, they'll do it. It's as important as eating a good and balanced diet. Speaking of which…

3. Eating properly.

This is also high on their list of top tips. They know the value and importance of a healthy and clean daily meal plan. They eat for energy and stamina. Without it, their productivity weakens. Super achievers know that when you eat a greasy burger and fries for lunch, by mid-day you will be reaching for antacids to get them through the rest of the day. Not only that, you will feel sluggish and tired and certainly not very productive at all. They know they need good fuel not only for their body but their brains too. Not to mention they're kinda proud of their physique and a greasy lunch will sabotage that.

4. Hang around other super achievers and happy people.

Super achievers steer clear away from Negative Nancy and Doubting Thomas. They know that in order to grow and stay efficient they are better off hanging out with like-minded people. Wasting their time with negative folks never happens. They don't have time to waste. All their time is spent growing, learning and being productive while being happy. No time for negative when we're being happy.

5. School is now in session.

Every day they take time to learn something. This could be in the way of reading a how to eBook, watching a webinar, taking an online course or joining an open forum just to name a few. They regularly schedule l earning time in each day. It's important to them to always stay on top of the latest info in their field and to keep their skills sharp. They love to learn and will take 30 minutes each day, usually in the morning or early evening to absorb some new cool information that will help the m achieve more.

6. They know how to say no, and yes.

Not only do they know how to say no and yes, but they know when to say no and when to say yes. They understand the difference and the consequences of either or. They have no problem saying no if they k now that what they are saying no to is not for the betterment of them, their company, their coworkers or their family. They will say yes and know when it's time. Especially if it is for the good of all.

7. Nothing like a good self-pep talk.

And they do this daily. In the morning, along with their great "start the day" routine. Rise and shine, smile, have coffee, breakfast, and when it's time to get their work day started they know how important it is to start the self-talk. "You are awesome" "you are super successful and deserve all the good that comes your way" "you are a super achiever and your life is great". Yes this is their morning routine. And if you see them talking to themselves in the car at a red light, that's probably what they're talking about. They do this without fail, every day.

As you can see, none of the tips listed above are hard to do, require money or seem impossible. Anyone can do these. The question is, do you want to?

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