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7 super simple tricks to keep you happy all day long

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We all want to be happy and cheery and smiley all day, yes? In today's world, we seem to be bombarded with negative news, job cuts, layoffs, high prices, you name it, it's bad and we're subjected to it all on a daily basis. So how on earth are we supposed to stay positive in the midst of all the chaos that is going on around you, without being called selfish, inconsiderate, and unthoughtful or an ignorant shmuck?

It's no surprise that the happier we are, the happier we will stay and the more happy things will come into our lives to be happy about. That's just a whole lot of happy right there. Who wouldn't want that life? It beats out the alternative which is being cranky and miserable all the time. I don't quite get people who are always moaning and griping about pointless things in their life and then they continue to complain because their life continues to be filled with more pointless things to complain about. See the pattern there?

happy_all_day_longAre you ready to kick misery to the curb and be happy once and for all, all day? Follow these super simple tricks and you will be smiling until bedtime. People around you will notice a wonderful change in you and will wonder what your secret is. Feel free to share it. The more happy people we have on this planet, the happier this place will be.

1. Upon awakening, smile.

Ok I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous. Some of us would rather grab our alarm, toss in the neighbour's yard and sleep til noon. When that alarm sounds at 6, we grumble and grovel and find no cheeriness in this whatsoever. I totally get all that. But just try it. As soon as the alarm goes off, smile. Maybe you have an annoying alarm. Try switching it up to something more pleasing. That all in itself will probably make you a little happier or, at the very least, wake you up a little gentler so you're not s o grumpy and you may even look forward to getting out of bed. When you hear a sweet sound coming from the alarm, you may actually smile and feel happy in your heart.

2. Help someone every day.

Whether it be buying that homeless guy a coffee every day or helping Mrs. Brown take out her garbage each week. Whatever it is that you do, do it daily. Every single day you should do a feel good thing without expecting anything in return. Remember that's the kicker here. Do something nice from the heart, with out getting anything back. Some may not even say thank you and that's ok too. Give unselfishly. Always.

3. A gratitude check.

You can do this in a journal or while driving or maybe even while getting a meal ready for the family. It matters not when you do it, as long as you do it. Every day. Be thankful for your job, your car, your good health, the house you live in, the safe city you live in, whatever! Say thank you, all day if you want. Remember when we practice gratitude, more things will come into our life that we will be grateful for.

4. Talk to yourself.

You're awesome, you're beautiful, and geez I'm looking rather sharp today. You get the idea. Be nice to yourself. For some of us, talking to ourselves kind of makes us giggle. It feels silly, but it's fun to do. Keep boosting your own self-esteem and ego. You shouldn't wait for others to do that anyway. Do it yourself. It just f eels more satisfying.

5. Hang with at least one happy person a day.

If at all possible get them first thing in the morning. Find that one person you can count on who always makes you feel happy and either call or text or go see them if you can. You want to be with this person every day, period. They bring out the best in you especially when you aren't feeling your best. This person will leave a smile on your face that will last the whole day through.

6. Turn up the stereo.

Music is the best thing in the world to cheer us up , make us smile and generally just give us that feel good vibe. Want to take that to the next level? Grab your object of choice, make it a microphone and sing to the top of your lungs. Singing is the best natural therapy in the world. A great feel good exercise. And speaking of exercise…..

7. Exercise.

I'm not talking jog around the block 20 times or go bench press 250 lbs. Even simple little and small exercises will get your happy juices flowing and put you in a happy mood. Don't believe me? Give it a whirl and see what happens. You can see that it is so easy to put on a happy face and keep it on all day. When you practice any of these tricks, when something bad does happen throughout the day it will roll off your back. You're too happy for that.

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