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7 Mistakes That Destroy Any Chance You Have to Achieve Your Goals

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Do you have dreams? I am sure you have. Everyone has dreams and goals that he would like to achieve. Yet  only a few people achieve their dreams  and live their ideal life.

It doesn't matter what kind of dreams you have.  You might want to a lot of money and drive a Lamborghini or just travel around the world and see different cultures.

I am sure that you want to achieve your goals. Who doesn't want to be successful anyway?

achieve your goals (1)But what if you fail in the process? What if you make some mistakes? It doesn't matter unless you don't learn from your mistakes and you do them again. However it's better to avoid mistakes in the first place.

If you want to achieve success in life and achieve your goals you should definitely avoid the 7 following mistakes. These are the ones that will destroy any chance you have to achieve your goals.

Read carefully and I am confident to say that after  avoiding these mistakes  your possibility to succeed in life will double.

1. Just Wishing Is Simply Not Enough

Wishing for something, either it's  money, success or an attractive and healthy body is not going to work.  Time for wishing is long gone.  Now it's  time for doing.

You have to become a  DO-ER.Wishing  to become wealthy or famous will get you nowhere  if you don't engage in the process of doing.  Wealth is not an event that happens overnight. Neither success. They are a process.

Dreaming is  great and  dreaming big is even better. However dreaming  must be followed by actions  to support  your dreams  and bring them to  reality.

I always hear people say:

"I am so broke. I wish I could win the lottery so I could go get out of debt and never have to work again."

The problem is that someone who says this,  will  stay  home the entire day wasting his time. He will watch TV for many hours  lying on the couch.

Then he will go for a coffee with his friends. Afterwards he will spend some time on the internet and he will go to sleep. The next morning he will have to go to his boring job that is necessary to pay his bills.

Still, he will be wishing to win the lottery some day and will depend on the universe for a brighter future.

He spends his time wishing instead of doing.  He spends his time in meaningless activities  when he could utilize it to become financially independent, achieve his goals and finally get out of debt.

Stop wishing. Start Doing.

2. Postponing Stuff  For The  Future.

Postponing is the worst thing you can ever do.

"I will begin working out on Monday"

"I will stop smoking the next week."

"I will start eating healthy tomorrow."

Nothing is going to get better by itself unless you take action to change it…Circumstances will never be perfect. If you  wait till Monday to do something then you will never do it.

How many times have you heard someone saying: "I will start diet on Monday"? I am sure that this person remained fat and kept telling himself that next Monday he will  start  eating healthy.

Procrastination is one of the biggest enemies of success. If you want to achieve your goals you have to stop procrastinating. If you want to do something do it now. Don't wait till tomorrow because you will never get it done.

3. Believing The Doubters & Settling For Less

Another common mistake that will kill your chances to achieve your goals is settling for less. People will tell you that you can't do this and you can't do that.

If you listen to the doubters you have signed a contract with failure. Don't listen to naysayers who will tell you that your dreams are unrealistic. If you believe them you will inevitably settle for less.

You will get compromised with realistic goals. But  realistic goals don't have the power to motivate you  to push yourself to your limits.

Instead, they make you stay mediocre.

What if Stallone or Schwarzenegger have listened to people who told  them "you can't" ? They would never have achieved anything.  Stallone was rejected a thousand times from managers before he became a famous actor. They told him to quit  because he  could never make it  as an actor.

Of course doubters. That's why Rocky has 8.1 on imdb. That's why Stallone is now a millionaire. Because he wasn't suitable for acting.

Arnold was characterized crazy and unrealistic when he told his parents and friends he wanted to become the greatest bodybuilder in the world and travel to America. They told him to compromise with a work in the army like his father did because it was  a "good job".

Arnold had different plans. He changed the worldwide perspective on bodybuilding and  won the  Mr.Olympia title  several times. Later he also became a millionaire, famous actor and governor of California.

Do you still want to settle for less?

4. Becoming Attached To Materials

Being emotionally connected with material can really ruin your possibilities to achieve your goals and make your  dreams  a reality.

Materialistic needs are fake. They are counter-productive. They destroy your chances to achieve your goals.

Because they trigger the  production of dopamine  in your brain which results in leaving you satisfied. But this is intant gratification that doesn't last long. Soon you will need to buy something else to feel happy again.

Before you understand it, you will have entered a vicious circle that never ends.

Stop caring about fulfilling materialistic needs and start caring about achieving goals. Delaying gratification is something that requires discipline, but  after you learn how to discipline yourself  you will have increased your chances to achieve your goals.

5.  Wasting Opportunities

Do you believe that your opportunities in life are limitless? Do you think that  opportunities will keep knocking your door day  after day?

I have given opportunities many times in my life to do what I want and I threw them away, thinking that I will have other better opportunities in the future.

I was waiting for the perfect moment. Unfortunately this perfect moment never came and I forced myself to do something I didn't liked for 5 whole years. I could have done a lot more valuable and enjoyable things in these 5 years if I have taken advantage of the opportunities I had.

Opportunities will come in your life once, twice or maybe three times. But if you  let them pass you will regret it. Don't wait for the perfect moment and  make your move now.

6. Don't Listening to your Gut Instinct

Have you ever done this one? Was there a moment in your life that you would like to follow your gut but you didn't?

Why did you do that? What stopped you?

Your gut instinct is really powerful. If you let it drive you it will lead you to big accomplishments. There is something magical that comes from inside. Your gut instinct is the only thing that really understands what you truly want out of your life.

Nobody else can do this. Even you, sometimes you have to lie to yourself to get accepted by society. When you do that, you put you gut instinct behind a prison cell to rot. But if you do that, your soul will rot with you. Your gut instinct represents what your soul really wants.

If you don't listen to it, how can you become happy? You will get compromised to follow a life path  that wasn't your own desire. You will live to fulfill the desires of someone else. But your soul will never forgive that.
Always listen to your gut. It's the only thing you can trust. Even if its wrong, you will know that you have tried to take your own path in life. And that's what real men do.

7. Trying To Do Everything On Your Own

You can't live a flourishing life if you isolate yourself from other people. Instead,  you should find like-minded people and surround yourself with them.

No man has ever created something big in his life, without using the knowledge and resources that other people had before him. Knowledge and resources that he could never have.

Henry Ford was one of the most rich men in the world. He built his company without even having finished school.
He was illiterate and didn't have the formal education that most people have. Yet, he was more successful than most people.

Ford knew that surrounding himself with people who had the knowledge would give him the key to success. Instead of trying to do everything alone he had a group of like minded people that helped him succeed.

Have you done any of these mistakes? Do you know any other mistake that you would like to add? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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