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7 Interesting Things That Highly Productive People Do as Soon as They Get to Work

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Hello Monday morning how do I love thee? Says no one ever unless you happen to be one of the highly productive people in the office who love their job. You know they are doing something different that you aren't and you are certain to find out. This employee is the star of the month every month. Always smiling, enthusiastic and extremely productive with outstanding results.

Their secret isn't really a secret at all. They simply choose to start their day on a good note instead of dragging their heels in through the door. But really, what else do they do differently?

insane_productivity1. They are happy to have a job and immediately express gratitude for the job they have.

As soon as they sit at their desk they say thank you. Thank you for my job, and my co-workers and my boss and everything else. They are thankful for the steady income and the great health they have that enables them to go to work every day. They are just full of gratitude and because of it, they rock.

2. They go over yesterday's work and see where they can improve today.

If they only had 2 leads yesterday they will make sure that today they get 3. They make sure they didn't miss a thing in their productivity yesterday that may put a damper on their future success. They are over achievers and quite happy about it.

3. Greet co-workers with a big happy smile.

They personally take the time to connect with the co-workers they work directly with and they make sure to spread some cheer and happiness their way. This worker will go out of their way to share happiness, encouragement and motivation. When the whole team is happy, more work gets done and they understand the principal behind team work. It's all for one and one for all. There is no competition.

4. Make a plan.

After going over yesterday, they get out the pad and pen and start writing out things that should get done today to ensure some sort of productivity. They will take time to do a bit of research to see if they missed a lead somewhere. They schedule their day in blocks and know that they must knock off each block before going on to the next. They won't leave any job unfinished.

5. Plug in and listen to some Tony or Les.

They won't start their day until they listen to about 10 minutes of a great motivational message from their favourite inspirational guru. This is mandatory for them. It fires them up and gets them ready to take on the day. They know they can achieve legendary greatness and they will stop at nothing to do it. The motivational messages reminds them of their passion and their why.

6. Get your desk ready.

They take the time to make sure they have all the pads of paper they need, pens, paper clips, binders close at hand and everything else they may need t o do their job effectively for the day. They don't like to waste precious time looking for supplies they may need for a job. They want everything ready exactly when they need it. Time is valuable and it shouldn't be wasted desperately hunting down paper clips.

7. Write out goals and gratitude.

They like to take a few minutes just to journal. They either journal about the day they want to have or they will write out a gratitude list. No matter what it is you can be sure of one thing, it's productive and positive. This is the only way they know how to function effectively. With a great attitude and a fierce determination.

Next time you head into work on Monday morning, or any morning for that matter, try one or all of these tips and see how much more productive your day will be. You can be sure it will definitely be happier.

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