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7 Healthy Habits for a Stronger Mind

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Since the famous Marshmallow test was done in 1970 and numerous studies have proven how mental toughness is the most common trait among successful people. It`s self-discipline that  differentiates between the average and the most successful among us. Disciplined people can  regulate bad emotions, overcome difficult times and achieve difficult goals. To be like them,  you can start today by building these seven habits.

1. Improve patience with fasting

If you can fast voluntarily then you will have enough patience to succeed. Habits are  contagious, this is why people who exercise regularly are often more successful than people  who eat junk food all day. In fact, many celebrities like Terry Crews, and Andrew Wittman have  already incorporated fasting in their lifestyle.

I have been fasting for over a year now and I`m pretty much certain that he who can stay  without food for +16 hours every day can tolerate anything. Fasting will teach you discipline,  help you lose weight and improve your life in many other ways like repairing damaged cells and  raising both your Testosterone and Growth Hormone Levels.

2. Build discipline through running

Build a morning routine around running and life will get better and easier. Will Smith laid it well  when he said the key to life is running and reading.

When you run, there`s a voice in your head that says: "˜You`re tired, you can`t continue and you  have to quit'. When you learn how to push past this nagging voice, you will learn how to persist  when life gets hard.

3. Master fear by taking cold showers

Cold showers are short rehearsals for what it`s like to feel the fear and do it anyway. If you are  able to move from warm to cold, and hold on until you`re accustomed to this new temperature,  then you will literally become an unstoppable badass. Also, and according to studies, a five-minute cold shower, taken twice a week, can lessen depression by increasing the production of  endorphins.

4. Ease stress through expressive writing

The first step to change a bad behavior is to understand the motives behind it. These motives  are usually hard to find unless you write them down.

A recent study found that expressive writing — -a fancy term for journaling– – reduces anger and  distress. At the same time, researchers from Michigan State University found that documenting  your thoughts and feelings before a stressful event will make you perform better while  consuming less mental energy.

5. Learn time management by having a fixed bed time

This is especially important for people who work from home or run their own businesses. Your  day should have a fixed start and end time just like any sport game. Ever saw a basketball game  delayed because the referee was in a bad mood? Of course not.

With too much freedom also come too many temptations and if you don`t set rules to hold  yourself accountable, self-control will plummet and things will get messy. When you, however,  fix your bed time, it will act as a deadline and force you to get things done early because now  you`re committed.

6. Bathroom affirmations to build faith and improve focus

Repetition of affirmation of orders to your subconscious mind is the only known method of  voluntary development of the emotion of faith. "“ Napoleon Hill

Whom should you believe, your friend who says affirmations are silly or Napoleon Hill who  spent his life interviewing the world`s richest and most successful men?

Though you may not believe you`re destined to great things, there`s a way you can induce faith  into your life, and inspire massive action. This way is called repetition of affirmations over and  over until you`re sick of them.

If you pick one or two mantras and repeat the heck out of them, very soon you will build faith  and the actions you were lazy to take in the past will now become effortless. The subconscious  mind doesn`t differentiate between facts or lies and will accept whatever you vigorously repeat  to it, even if you don`t feel it yet. As Muhammad Ali was quoted: "I am the greatest. I said that  even before I knew I was."

From my experience, not finding time for affirmations is the only obstacle between you and  reaping their benefits. This is why I recommend you say affirmations in the bathroom because  it`s a place that you hit it every day and no one is around to snoop on you.

7. Meditation to build poise and overcome addiction

Meditation — -done consistently– – will teach you emotional control and self discipline.  According to studies, long-term meditation strengthens your brain`s frontal lobes which are the  same areas weakened by alcohol abuse, porn and drug addictions. Mindful meditation was also  found to reduce behavioral problems like gambling and sex addiction.

The problem with meditation is lack of consistency. You won`t make it a habit If you demand  too much too early. The key is to start slow and add more time to your routine as you get  better. Begin with a minute, or two, then add 30 seconds each day. By the time you hit 15  minutes, you`ll have an established routine that lasts.

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