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6 Ways to Have a Great Time at Work

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Work, work, work, work, work. We all have to do it, and we are bound to it. If you're lucky, you've worked hard for your job and enjoy doing it. If not, perhaps you haven't found your calling in life yet – but one exists. Needless to say, we all have to pay the bills, so we might as well enjoy what we do in this one life we have.

Going to work everyday becomes a bit of a tiring routine but we can't take vacations every second week either. We have to learn to keep the workplace fun, interesting, and unpredictable. Who better to do that than you? Use your remarkable sense of energy and humour to bring fun and excitement to work. Everyone wants to do it but sometimes we are too shy or stuck in our routine. Break out of the pattern and organize some fun activities for everyone.

1. Do something really nice for someone

Wow, Terry brought coffee in for everyone today! What a great feeling that is. When someone does something nice for us, it doesn't only feel good for you, it feels good for them too. There's an altruistic principle to it. We want to help others so we do something nice – but we also do it to make ourselves feel good – and there's nothing wrong with that. As long as everyone is feeling good, why not? Even if Terry brings in coffee that isn't your flavour, or donuts that you don't like (for example), you will still have one and enjoy it because of the intended gesture. So how about your turn? Spend $20 and bring in something nice for everyone at work, or even just some people – we don't expect you to take care of the whole office. The gesture is nice and provides incentive for others to do the same. Maybe you can get other people involved and make a small game of it.

2. Bring some fun into the environment

Do you work in a boring office? Or perhaps a supermarket where everyone has been there for twenty years? Take it upon yourself to bring the humour in to work. If you see something funny on the internet, print out a couple of copies and leave them around. Write funny messages for people, or provide gag gifts. If your work environment is harmless and has a good attitude, why not? You're a funny and entertaining person. It only takes a few minutes of your time to result in a great day for everyone, and people will remember your humour into the future of your legacy. Make everyone happy.

3. Be the one to organize a great outing

Is your boss or head accountant always trying to get everyone to go out for drinks or Chinese food? Maybe everyone goes, or maybe just a few people – it doesn't matter. As long as the people that go are enjoying their time with everyone, have fun! Staff outings after work are great as they allow us to bond casually when we normally wouldn't, and gives us an opportunity to maybe try new restaurants or do things we usually wouldn't. Try it yourself. It's easy thanks to Facebook now – organize a small after work dinner, make sure it is inclusive of everyone (including the shy people!) and encourage everyone to come out. You will feel great to have successfully organized your own party, and it's great to see everyone getting along together. Just careful with the alcohol, or people won't let you forget anything at the Christmas party!

4. Stop! Do something fun – and go back to work

Sometimes work is pretty boring – let's be honest. We enjoy our job but just like life, it can be an up and down sort of thing. If you're not enjoying what you're doing right now, you clearly need a break. Request 15 minutes off, unwind with your favourite phone game or trivial activity, do something enjoyable, and return back to it. Treat it as a reward based system – perhaps tell yourself that if you finish your task you'll give yourself extra time to chill out afterwards. Don't get too caught up, and let yourself enjoy whatever you do. Don't let life drag you down. You're in control.

5. Eat outside on a nice day

It's the summer! Why not get some sun? Most of us work inside but we are still lucky enough to have lunch breaks. Get a bit of vitamin D while you're on the clock by taking a lunch outside. If you eat in a food court you can still get it to go and grab a picnic table outside. Or tell everyone to bring a lunch that day (let's say it's Wednesday), and organize a small picnic. Could even be a potluck! Why not? Enjoy the sun while we have it.

6. See the good in others

Finally, if all else fails, be extra gratuitous at work. Do nice, simple things for others, and when you see others doing well, show your gratitude. Find inspiration in the work others do and let them know you appreciate and learn from what they do. Share the love and inspire an environment of appreciation and service in the workplace.

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