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6 Things You Should Be Telling Yourself Daily

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We all need a bit of self prescribed motivation every now and then. Our house may be plastered in welcoming phrases and inspiring pictures, but unless we are telling it to ourselves convincingly, we may never get the picture. Inspirational slogans and imagery can only do so much for us, because unless we are driving it through ourselves without outside influence it will just become white noise and will have no impact on us. The sources you get inspiration from must be absorbed, tracked and followed upon; we need to do our homework and keep practicing, like a yoga or math student. Here are a couple of things you should be saying to yourself everyday – simple, practical, and effectual. It only takes a few seconds.

things_to_tell_yourself1. Today is going to be great!

Whenever your day starts, whether it's when you get out of bed, get your first coffee, or get to work, you should remind yourself that today is going to be a great day; and trust me, there will be a lot thrown at you to refute it. It could be a cloudy day, there could be bad traffic, you've spilled some food, you forgot something at home… any factor could be occurring to pull you down. But as soon as your day is in motion, you should be ready to conquer it. Remember the bright side of everything. If your day started on a bad foot, it can only get better! It's all about perspective. If you tell yourself you are going to have a good day, you are charging your mind with powerful positive energy and as long as you believe it, you can do it.

2. I am the strongest today that I have ever been.

To some, each passing day means getting a day older, and no one likes getting older. But, I like getting older. Why? Because everyday we reach our new oldest point in life, we have new experiences to learn from. Everyday teach es us something. As humans, we are constantly making mistakes and learning from them, improving ourselves and the quality of life we have. On every new day that we live and is coming to us, we are at a point where we have learned the most and can adapt our feelings, decisions and moral judgements to shape us into the best we can be. Be able to turn your bad decisions into a learning experience and create the best you. Invite age and change, and the more positively you accept it the stronger you will keep becoming.

3. I look great!

You don't have to be the most beautiful, the strongest looking , the sexiest, the tallest – whatever you think the idea of beauty is. What really matters is how you carry what you have. The way you do your makeup, the way you fit into your clothes, your posture and attitude. If you can have power over the way you appear, anyone can be as beautiful and powerful as you want.

4. I am going to learn something new today.

Maybe you've been at the same 9 to 5 job for a long time and things have gotten stale. That doesn't mean there's not room for growth and discovery. Challenge yourself to learn something new everyday, in places where you'd least expect. Learn something new about the restaurants in the food court, or about someone you know – or don't know! See it as a riddle, and if you spend all day trying to learn something new and conquer this riddle, the day will fly by and you will have a bit of fun with it.

5. I am going to overcome something today.

Now that you've learned something new, challenge yourself again to put yourself into a moral or mental situation for you to overcome. Rethink how you work at your job and find new ways to overcome simple tasks. Discover new solutions and gameplans for otherwise regular jobs. You could unlock new habits within yourself that improve your productivity.

6. I am going to thank someone today.

This goes without saying, because we thank everyone on a daily basis – people who serve us food, give us change, etc. But I want you to really thank someone, to go out of your way to make someone else feel appreciated and special. Thank people for things they are otherwise unthanked for, or point out habits they do that make everyone else at work feel less burdened. They will appreciate your keen eye for ethic, and everyone will feel better and have a better day for it.

Give thanks for a little, and you will find a lot.

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