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6 Simple Ways to Stop Being So Negative And Start Being More Positive

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You know you are a bit of a Negative Nellie. Every time something negative comes out of your mouth you immediately reprimand yourself quietly and hope that no one heard you. You sincerely wish you can break this horrible negative pattern that you adopted from whatever source it came from. Some of us picked it up as children, others managed to attract it from years of toxic relationships. Whatever the case or wherever you managed to contract it, there' s still hope for you to get rid of it once and for all. The best part? It's not hard to do at all!

You know that sunshiny girl that works in your office? She's not had a completely easy life and she's been dealt shitty cards to play with too. The difference between her and you is that she has chosen to take life to a happier more positive level. Want to know how she did it? Probably by any of the ways listed below.

1. I am in control.

The most important thing to remember is that you are the only person in control of your happiness. You can't look to others to change your life or your mind and especially not your attitude. If you want to be happy and positive, it's up to you to change that. Next time you wake up in a bit of a cranky mood try something different. Try smiling before you get out of bed and be thankful for another new day. Another chance to make things right and be happy.

2. Show some gratitude.

I get that really crappy things have happened and are probably still happening but try to show a little gratitude for them. They show up to teach you a lesson or make you stronger. Either way, say thank you to the m for showing up in your life. They have made you a better person. But don't just show gratitude for the shitty things, show it for all the wonderful things in your life too, like life itself, the loving people in it and everything beautiful around you.

3. Forgive and forget.

Oh yes. That's a hard one. Trust me when I tell you the only person you are hurting is yourself. The person who has hurt you from years and years ago probably doesn't even think about you anymore and quite possibly couldn't care less about you or what you are feeling. So with that said, why are you still giving them power in your life? The sooner you forgive, forget and move on, the happier you will be. I promise. Remember the only one hurt by anger is you. Let it go.

4. Be nice to people, even strangers.

There's always a good feeling to be had when we do something nice for someone, and yes even strangers. In my experience, seniors and homeless people are the most gracious and sincerely thankful people I've ever met. If you are feeling especially negative or gloomy one day, stop yourself in your own tracks and go down where your homeless shelter is and see if you can spread some sunshine. Or how about go play cards with a senior in a nursing home or look at old photos from their expansive photo library. That'll make you feel positive in no time.

5. It's not so bad.

And speaking of homeless people and seniors, you think you have it bad, walk a day in their shoes. Many seniors in nursing homes have been put there and left to die with no visiting from family. Homeless people just have nothing. So before you go on a pity party trip, think about what you do have and don't forget about those that have nothing. Whatever you are going through is temporary and it's really not so bad. It could be worse, a whole lot worse. Don't forget that.

6. One hour of fun.

Take one hour, or more if you want, and do something totally random, zany and fun. Something that will surely snap you out of your gloomy state and immediately put you in happy positive zone. I understand that it's hard to snap out of gloom sometimes. When we hit pity party status we are quite comfortable sitting in there and don't want anyone to bother us. But how long do you want to stay in that zone for anyway? Don't get too comfortable there.

Simple little steps that anyone can take to turn from sourpuss to sunshiny. Are you ready to turn that frown into a smile?

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