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6 Pieces Of Advice You Should Never Take

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The breakup advice, the job loss advice, and the what should I do with my life advice. So many people are quick to offer up their best piece of advice that has undoubtedly worked for them and they are absolutely convinced it's going to work for you too. Guaranteed. Really. Is it though? Will it work for you and should you take it? sometimes we ask for advice, or other people's opinions of what they would do if they were in your shoes. It's nice to get some ideas. That doesn't necessarily mean you should jump on every one they make. Some you really just shouldn't.

How do you know which pieces of advice you should listen to and which ones you should simply toss to the way side immediately? First and foremost, listen to your gut. If it feels wrong, then don't take it. Your intuition is right 100% of the time. Here are 6 pieces of advice that whether your intuition is screaming at you or not, you simply shouldn't take.

adviceStay and work things out.

Many people take their wedding vows very seriously and if they think you are on the verge of breaking up they may tell you to work things out. They are instilling their beliefs on you and don't wish to see anyone separating. If working things out, or counseling, is not an option, then pack your things and go.

Dump the loser.

Contrary to the first one, some of your friends may want you to dump your "loser boy or girlfriend" because they see no good in your relationship whatsoever. Obviously dumping them is a last resort option but maybe there is hope through counseling. Maybe your partner is willing to work with you to make things work. Listen and see what happens. There may be hope yet. People do change.

People don't change, you're stuck with that if you don't leave.

People do change so if anyone tells you they don't, don't listen to them. Actually just walk away from them because they clearly have a closed mind. Of course people change. It happens all the time. We all change. Often we can see that our lives are crap and it's time to make a change. Once we make life changes, we change as does our attitude and we often become better than before.

Just quit your job, there are plenty more out there.

Do not do that until you have another job in place or at least a nice enough savings account that you can live on until you find another job. Our friends just want to see us happy and they see right now we aren't because we are stuck in a job we hate with people we don't like. don't' be so quick to hand in your letter of resignation. Make sure you have your ducks in a row first. I mean, you do still have to pay rent and eat, right?

Keep going, you're doing a great job.

If you feel in your heart of hearts that what you are engaged in at the moment, whether it be owning a business, or in a project or whatever, that it just isn't right, then no amount of cheering you on is going to make a difference. If your soul is telling you it's time to pack it in, then pack it in. There are things that work and some just don't. Your friends can be your cheerleading squad and your number one fans and they really just want to see you succeed but you know it's not the right path for you. Pack it in.

Get over it, you'll be ok.

Of course you will and one day you will be over it, just not right now. Not today. It's ok to stay in a place of sadness for a short while as you process whatever it was that just happened to you but if your friend is quick to say get over it, then that's just plain insensitive. They want you to snap out of it right now and go back to being their happy friend again. It's a wee selfish. Tell them to leave you alone and you will get over it, in your own time.

Everyone is quick to offer that get over it quick advice but they aren't in your shoes and they don't know or understand how you feel, truly, or the depth of the situation. In cases like the aforementioned, follow your intuition and your heart. You won't go wrong.

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