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6 Interesting Things That Happen When People See The Real You

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How many of you are hiding behind a façade? Trying to impress those around you with a false identity. We so desperately want to be liked, fit in with the *in crowd*, be accepted and not stir the pot. We just want everyone to like us. While we're so busy being fake, we lose who we are. Who are you? Do you like who you are? Do you think others might not like who you are?

Why do we even care about all that anyway? And when did we start caring so much about what other people think? Why is this suddenly so important? It could be because society and media expects us all to act, think and dress a certain way and if you don't conform, you're an outcast. So we do what society tells us to do.

Funny thing happens though when you decide to be you. Keep reading to find out

1. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Aretha Franklin said it best. Find out what it means to me. Respect has long been lost with more and more people thinking they are more entitled than others and expect to be treated differently.   The sooner you realize how magnificent you are, just the way you are, the more respect you will garner from those who thought less of you and never showed you any respect. How will people know to respect you or not if you are putting on a show for them? Just be you!

2. Impress me now.

You want to impress people? Truly impress them? Show them who you really are. They may be shocked at the real you and be impressed with some of the real quality traits you have that you've been hiding for so long.   They are so used to seeing you as someone else that they just may be so impressed with you that they may want to hang out with you more.

3. Dump you fast.

And of course there are those that may absolutely not like who you are. They may shudder at your unique and wonderful personality and wish you went back to being that clone of the person they thought you were. The people who recoil at the new you may simply be doing this because they are intimidated by you. Nothing more no thing less. They can't handle all your brilliance. Shine bright.

4. Can you mentor me please?

Some people may be so impressed that you came out of your shell and are showing your true colours that they may want you to help them do the same. They too have been hiding being a mask and wish they could show the world who they really are but have been too afraid to do so. You just may be someone's idol for being brave enough to finally do this.

5. Speak kindly will ya?

For so long you've sat in the sidelines being everyone else's door mat. Never being seen or heard. People never gave you a second glance or a second chance because you simply blended in. Once they see who you really are, they will be singing your songs of praise and letting everyone know how truly amazing you really are. If they never had anything good to say about you before they certainly do now.

6. There's someone I want you to meet.

When we are real, we meet and connect with others that we may have previously missed out on because we were too busy being someone else who no one wanted or cared too much about.

I totally get that we should never concern ourselves with what people think of us and other's opinions should never matter. Keep in mind, however, that you also want to be real for people. You certainly don't want people to speak ill of you or get the wrong impression of you. Don't forget or underestimate the importance of making the right the connections and being with the right people. You never know what will transpire when you finally reveal the real you to the right people. A possible new partner or maybe some great job connections. You may even meet your soulmate, which isn't always a lover, right? It's so important to be you in a world where everyone is too busy trying to be someone else. You are unique and have a special gift to share with the world. Do it.

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