6 Amazing Tools to Organize Your Creative Writing Flow

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The factor of creativity is important in every single working environment. There is no job description that imposes rigid, lifeless behavior. You have to be creative in order to show good problem-solving leadership, and teamwork skills. In writing, creativity is crucial! Your entire performance comes down to the way your mind approaches the project and everyday tasks related to it.

Before we get any further, let's make a difference between the two main types of creativity:

Artistic "“ which is a form of expression that's necessary for your emotional well-being, and

Technical "“ the type of creativity that helps you come up with practical ideas and solve problems.

The following tools will help you improve your technical creative skills and organize the creative writing flow.

creative_tools1. Penultimate

Technology is a useful thing, but sometimes you need to combine it with old-school creativity-awakening techniques. Remember how inspired you were to think when you used plain pen and paper to write your ideas down? Penultimate loses the paper, but it enables you to keep the handwriting part. You can sketch, write, and scribble on a distraction-free page. The best part is that you can search through your handwritten notes.

2. NinjaEssays

There is one type of writing that can suppress your creativity more than anything: academic style. You have to stick within a given pattern, so it's hard to present new ideas in such a rigid form. NinjaEssays will help you deal with the challenge. The platform connects you with writers and editors who will help you develop ideas and bring them to life in flawless academic papers. Read the blog when you need inspiration for writing; it's awesome!

3. Doodle Buddy

Doodling will help you relax, but it will also keep your mind actively engaged. When you have an idea that's difficult to express in words, try using this iOS app. Doodling is sometimes a better form of expression than note-taking, since it enables you to feelings you cannot define in the initial stages of the creativity flow.

4. Haven

This software supports creative writing like no other online tool. The basic principle is that writing is not a language; it's a form of technology based on established structures such as grammar, vocabulary, and semantics. Haven keeps you inspired and focused on your writing. It stimulates the creative state of mind through several themes, instant inspiration for character and plot building, myths and legends, random words, timing, inspiration dice, and more.

5. PlagTracker

So you wrote a really amazing piece, but you used online resources to support your claims? How can you know you didn't fall into an unintentional plagiarism trap? This plagiarism checker will give you the proof. When you have to rely on online research, it's hard to remember whether or not you cited all sources according to the standards. Make sure to run your text through PlagTracker before publishing it or submitting it to any reader.

6. BrainPlots

It doesn't matter what you think of TED speeches, there is no doubt that there are some really creative presentations the project has launched. BrainPlots is a creativity-inducing tool based on the most popular TED presentations. It's an algorithm of the key elements and common logical framework that attracts the attention of the audience. When you're writing a presentation, this is the tool you should rely on!

7. MindTools

This set of tools will help you practice your technical creativity skills. First, you'll identify your level of creativity, and then you'll develop a plan that will encourage you to boost this function of the brain. The toolkit is focused on several types of skills: project management, decision making, team management, creativity, leadership, communication, and more.

The key to boosting creativity is proper organization. You never thought these two things were closely related to one another? If you allow your mind to wander too much throughout the writing process, you won't end up with a focused piece. That's why you need to use the 7 tools listed above. They will put your creativity in the right direction!

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