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52 Personal Development Blogs To Watch in 2010

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Following the lead from many from post about the best in your niche, I have gathered a list of 52 bloggers who I think will make it big in 2010 with their personal development blogs.

Watch out for:

1. Jonathan Wells –


Jonathan has been a great source of inspiration over the last year.   His wisdom, knowledge and support to everyone is great to watch.   His blog is an extension of his book 7 Simple Steps is perhaps one of the best personal development books I have read.

Posts by Jonathan:

personal excellence with advanced life skills/

time to focus on abundance instead of scarcity/

optimism and the spirit of renewal/

2. Dragos Roua –


Dragos is flying at the moment and with good reason.   He is a passionate blogger who I have come to known over the last year and he has been a good friend with some great advice and support. He is dedicated to his craft and I predict big things this year for him.

Posts by Dragos:

33 Ways To Start Your Day

100 Ways To Love A Better Life

100 Ways To Screw Up Your Life

3. Robin Easton –


Robin 'Angel of the internet' Easton is a beautiful soul with a beautiful heart.   her comments are famous in the personal development field, if you've ever had a comment from her you'll know what I mean.   Her blog is just amazing and her posts ooze wisdom, higher self thinking,   and personality.

Posts by Robin:

When You Know You're Alive

What Are You Waiting For…Perfection?

Share Your Legacy?

4. David Peralty –


David is an entrepreneur who has recently started with high hopes and big plans for it.   I have written several posts for him and his enthusiasm and business skills lead me to believe his plans for LifeSnips being the next DumbLittleMan will be realised this year.

Posts by David

How Being a Geek Made Me More Productive

Best Password Practices Guide

101 Ways To Boost Your Energy Levels

5. Stephen Mills –


Stephen Mills is another blogger who writes with passion, knowledge and wisdom.   His posts are always from the heart and often based on his personal life with a message for everyone.

Posts by Stephen:

Are We Disconnecting From Real Life?

The Investment Banker and The Mexican Fisherman

A Values-Based Approach to Goals

6. VinMiller "“


Vin Miller is a great blogger blogging about health related issues.   He is not afraid to speak his mind and has a great sense of humour in his writing as well.   His blog is growing in stature and I think Vin will double his readership this year.

Posts by Vin:

KFC Grilled Chicken: Unthink Your Health!

13 Ridiculous Food Labels that Might Be Fooling You

7 Ways We've Failed Miserably at Trying to Outsmart Nature

7. Armen Shirvanian –


Armen is relatively new on the Personal Development scene, started in May 2008, but he is starting to make an impact.   He has been a guest poster here several times and each time his posts have been well received.   He has recently started experimenting with videos which has showed his real personality and he is actually quite funny.   I definitely think he is one to watch.

Posts by Armen:

The secret to getting better and better

100 Ways to show your boldness

Instant vs delayed gratification

8. Douglas Cartwright –


Douglas is another blogger who has just come onto the scene and writing a lot of guest posts.   His writing is top class and is thought provoking.   He is a life coach who I think will do great things this year.   I believe with a revamp

Posts by Doug:

Psychological Knots

Can feel it

9. Zeenat Merchant Syal –


Another angel of the internet.   Zeenat has a unique style to her blog in that she writes from the heart and is not afraid to put up quotes, videos, anything to get the message of living positively across.

Posts by Zeenat:

Recurring patterns

Smiles and laughter

RAOKA: My pursuit of happiness

10. Lisis and Alison –


The writer is Lisis and the technical and social media person is Alison.   Together they make up a great team in promoting a great blog with loads of interesting and thought provoking articles.   Lisis and I had an unplanned cross/blog conversation which was fantastic and opened my eyes to the power of blogs and the people who run them.

Posts by Lisis

Book Review: Female Brain Gone Insane

Goal-Setting, and the Key to a Peaceful Household

The Star Trek Guide to Enlightenment

11. Patrick Stoeckmann –


Patrick was someone I met at the A-List blogging bootcamp run by Leo Babauta and he has turned out to be a fantastic find.   His writing is fantastic.   His posts are long, always stimulating and he is going to be huge in 2010.

Posts by Patrick:

Kill Your To Do List Before It Kills You.

No Fu "“ The Warriors Way to Say No

Release Your Fear of Scarcity

12. Ian Peatey –


Ian Peatey is someone I came across toward the end of last year and I am grateful I did.   He is someone who delves into the hearts of readers and leaves you wanting more.   His comments are always spot on and his blog hits you where it needs to.

Posts by Ian:

10 Books That Shook My World

Do My Words Improve Silence?

Curse Of The Lightning Brain

13. Mike King .


Mike was the one who started the 'Mega list' which snowballed and ended up with my current line of books 100 Ways To________ so I have to thank Mike for that. His blog has some fantastic writing on leadership and personal development in general.

Posts by Mike:

How to Free Yourself From Gossip

The Problem with Leadership

Thinking about Personal Development

14. Lana Kravtsova  –


Lana first came to my attention as she was such a prolific commentor on other personal development blogs and she has been supporting me for a long time. Her blog is coming along brilliantly and she has stepped up her writing and is producing some wonderful stuff.

Posts by Lana:

The Ultimate Guide to Creative Visualization

How To Spend Time With Yourself and Why.

You are NOT responsible for anything and how it can help you reach any of your goals.

15. Celestine Chua –


Celestine's style of writing grabbed my attention last year and I think she is going to be a tower in 2010.Her blog is about Personal Excellence and she is a life coach who is actually helping people to live their dream life.

Posts by Celes:

Passion or Money?

Discover Your Real Purpose (7-part series)

Are You Sleepwalking Your Life Away?

16. Tim Brownson –


I have known Tim for a few years now and you won't find a more dedicated person to blogging, living and helping others live their life for the better. Authro, life coach, British and living in America he personifies what personal development blogs should be about. He has a unique style of writing, not afraid to speak his mind and writes what he wants to write.

Posts by Tim:

The Ultimate Goal Setting Post

Call That A Goal? THIS is a Goal!

The Real Purpose of News

17. Mary Jaksch –


Mary is another blogger I met at the A-List blogging bootcamp as she was helping Leo to run it. I hadn't heard of her before but she was already running a very successful blog of her own at the time. Mary's posts are often long but never boring and I have often bookmarked them to go back and read.

Posts by Mary:

How to Develop Intelligence at Any Age

How to Start Meditating

How to Make a True Friend

18. John Anyasor –


John wrote a post for me back in August of this year and I was extremely impressed with the way he was going about his blogging career. He seemed to be everywhere and reminded me of Leo Babauta. His writing always hits the mark and if he sticks with it will be huge in 2010.

Blog Update: The Road Ahead

Hatred Only Serves to Hurt, Not to Help

How to Get Your Groove Back: Writing, Dancing, Singing, Etc.

19. Gail Brenner –


Gail Brenner came onto my radar at the latter half of last year and recently wrote a great post on CYT. Her writing seems to grab the reader and suck them in from the very first sentence. I think she could be another 'Angel of the net' and one to watch in 2010.

Posts by Gail:

Is It Time to Forgive?

The Wisdom of Restraining Yourself

How (and Why) to Make Fear Your Friend

20. Steve –


I have known Steve for some time now as well and whilst his blog is not strictly personal development it has helped me a lot over the last year. His blog looks at his and his wife's online store and how they went from $0 to $100,000 per year with their online linen store. It is inspiring and fantastic to read.

Posts by Steve:

How We Stopped Short Of Becoming Lazy Pieces Of Crap

Pricing: Psychological Mind Games That Stores Play

Starting Your Own Business: Do You Have To Risk Your Life Savings?

21. Nadia –


Nadia is another recent blog I came across due to her writing comments on other blogs as well as mine. I love her spiritual writing and quest for enlightenment. her blog is like visiting a Zen garden, I am always at peace when I leave there.

Posts by Nadia

Deja Vu All Over Again: Personal Journey 2.0, My Poetry Book & A Very Important Question For You

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

The Power of Re-Invention

22. David Cain –


David only started his blog 1 year ago and it is a rising star in the personal development world. I came across him via Twitter and read a few of his posts and immediately signed up to his posts via Google reader.

Posts by David:

88 Important Truths I've Learned About Life

Six Amazing Songs That Illustrate What it Means to Be Human

Why Happiness is Such a Struggle

23. Lance –


Lance is one of the most down to earth but enlightened bloggers I have read. His conversational style is engaging and yet always teaching. I think he will be bigger and better this year.

Posts by Lance:

Weeds"¦In Your Life

Clarity = Direction


24. Lori Franklin –


Lori is another find of late last year and some I signed up to straight away when I read her about me page. NIMBLE is an acronym and you'll have to visit the blog to0 find out what she called it JaneBeNimble. her writing is funny, enlightening and quirky.

Posts by Lori:

My Writing Life: An Answered Question

Front Porch: Cardboard Sleds, Machu Picchu, and Sami May

Random Acts of Kick Arse: Wacky

25. Jeffrey Tang –


Jeffrey's blog is simplicity in itself. A great design coupled with fantastic writing and topics and you have the makings of a great blogger. I met jeffery at the A-List Blogging bootcamp and he has gone from strength to strength.

Posts by Jeffrey:

A Guide to Self-Reliance Minimalism

Why I'm Cutting Back on Multi-Tasking (And You Should Too)

The Number One Question Entrepreneurs Forget to Ask

26. Dani –


Dani's posts are always interesting and quirky and is a mixture of life lessons. poetry, life affirming readings etc. I came across her with her prolific commenting policy on other blogs which seems to have paid off.

Posts by Dani:

A positive present for you

How to be beautiful from the outside in

The difference between happy and not unhappy

27. Arvind Devalia –


Arvind has had an amazingly busy year this year with lots of projects under his belt. he is a natural leader and writes about peace, love and everything personal development. I think he will go on to be a star on the blogging world.

Posts by Arvind:

6 Key Lessons in Life from a 140 year Old Man

Make It Happen in 30 Days – Just Go On An Adventure!

Blue Moon means its Time for New Beginnings!

28. Friar –


Friar has to be the funniest personal development blogger I have read. His posts are always worth visiting and you will never be disappointed when you read his posts.

Posts by Friar:

An Open Letter to Lucky Charms

Corporate Buzzwords

French Candian Expressions

29. Anastasiya Goers –


Anastasiya is another wonderful soul writing on the internet. I met her at the A-List Blogging bootcamp (so many great bloggers came from there) and she has gone on to be a great blogger and great support over the last 6 months.

Posts by Anastasiya:

The Myth of Personal Independence. Are You Falling for It?

Balance Your Life in Two Days

A Simple Guide to Frugal Organic Eating

30. Lodewijk van den Broek –


Lodewijk has been around for a number of years but has recently re-invented himself and his blog. he has always been a great support and always written some great posts in the past. I am hopeful for him in 2010 on his new domain and am looking forward to his writing again.

Posts by Lodewijk

On Being original

New Beginning

31. Amit Sodha –


Amit has been a very recent find for me and he is a great poster for how blog commenting can be useful to get your name and face known to other bloggers. I seem to see him everywhere, so much so I had to check his blog out and what a great blog it is. Definitely one to watch for 2010.

Posts by Amit:

Perception Vs Reality

Going It Alone


32. Carolyn Rubenstein –


Carolyn is a rare soul who goes out of her way to help others in life. She has worked with children with cancer and is an author, frequent television guest and blogger on huffinton post and Psychology Today and when you read her writing you immediately get the reason why she is so sought after.

Posts by Carolyn:

50 Ways to Add Joy to Your Day

You Don't Have To Know

Are the odds in your favor?

33. Rosie Jones –


Rosie is a baulchy, outspoken, but an extremely talented individual. She is a songwriter, singer, producer, writer, and coach . her writing will grab you where it hurts but it always delivers the message.

Posts by Rosie:

Attitude of gratitude

The power of 'Just get on with it'

Letter to Jennifer Ellison

34. Ayo Olaniyan –


Ayo has been fantastic over the last year and I am so glad I met him. He was the brains behind 'Meet The Coach' series which went down well with readers and he also guest posted a few times. His blog is also a fantastic read.

Posts by Ayo:

Tips To Become Hot!!!!!!!

20 Ways To Build Resilience

My Final Word: THANK YOU!!!

35. Nik Karlil –


Nik Karlil was a member of the A-List blogging Bootcamp and has gone on to good things over the last year. A regular commenter and guest author on CYT, I have grown to really like him and his blog and wish him big things in 2010.

Posts by Nik:

How To Be Interesting

15 Ways To Get Smarter (and wiser)

Houdini, Blank State and Calmness

36. Eduard Ezeanu –

Blog: People Skills Decoded

Eduard burst onto the scene about 4 months ago and really got himself known with his guest posting and commenting policy. His writing is refreshing and his blog equally so. He is going to be big if he continues doing what he's doing.

Posts by Eduard:

Effective personal development starts here

Positive thinking won't help you now

Smile! Real, fake, people can't really tell

37. Jonathan Beebe –


Jonathan has only been blogging for about 1 year but is doing great and making big strides on the blog front. He is interested in the same kind of mind tools which is why he stood out for me and he subsequently guest posted on CYT. I think he has a great future ahead of him.

Posts by Jonathan:

Feed Your Mind "“ Part One

Stress and Your Mind

Best of Develop Minds Blog 2009

38. Mr Self Development –


A no nonsense blogger who I admire a lot for his tenacity and view of life, you can't help but love his writing and I think he will make it big time in 2010.

Posts by MrSelfDevelopment:

5 Steps to a Six Pack

Sex Contracts

How to Discover Your Life's Purpose in the Next 10 Minutes

39. Tess Marshall –

Blog: The

Tess is another blogger who regularly comments on other blogs. She has recently written a great post on CYT and I have checked out her blog on and off over the last few months and I've never been disappointed when I visited her blog.

Posts by Tess:

Local Grocery Store's Happiest Employee

60 Ways To Become The Person You Love

Love Yourself: Be The Underdog

40. Sherri –


Sherri is yet another blogger from the A-List Bloogging Bootcamp. Sherri has a great blog here and has also started one at which is an offshoot of the famous blog by Leo Babauta.

Posts by Sherri:

Quick Clean Your Home In Under 20 Minutes

Secrets of the Perpetually Unhappy

Purge Just 7 Things "“ A Weekend Challenge

41. Belinda Munoz –


Belinda has a blog which has a simple, clean design which is like her writing. She has been another great support to CYT over the last year. I think this is the year her blog will take off.

Posts by Belinda:

Philanthropy 101: Learning to Give

50 Simple Ways to Pay It Forward

5 Critical Skills We Must Never Lose in the Information Age

42. Dayne –


Dayne is someone I met through twitter and have followed his blog posts with interest. He has a great design on his blog and I like his writing style and overall feel of his writing and think he will make 2010 his own.

Posts by dayne:

Living Naked: Personal Transformation Through Bare Simplicity

Two Magic Words To Eliminate Anxiety and Panic

Zen and The Awakened Soul

43. Eren McKay –


Eren has a great blog but when I first visited it I thought it was a girlie girlie blog, but then I read her writing and quickly changed my mind. She is a christian blogger who doesn't mind hearing other peoples opinions. It is a family oriented blog with a christian outlook and even though I am not a believer of God I respect her writing.

Posts by Eren:

How to organize important office files organizing papers – end clutter today

Weight Loss Motivation Tips and Encouragement

Goal Based Ethics "” Why is Setting Goals Important?

44. Justin Dixon –


Justin is a blogger who doesn't mind speaking his mind and I have spoken with him on several conference calls from the bootcamp. His writing is top notch, and is a frequent guest blogger. I haven't seen him around for a few weeks so hopefully, he's only having a little break.

Posts by Justin:

How to Prepare Yourself For a Marriage That Lasts

13 Profound Statements Via Twitter

How to Choose and Attract Friends Wisely

45. Walter Adena –


Walter has a great blog which is well design and easy to navigate. I recently discovered his blog through his commenting and found it to be a great place for personal development. He has already made strides with his blog and I believe he will do even better this year.

Posts by Walter

Nobody wants to listen

Why are we having problems with problem?

Pitfalls of instant gratification

46. Mark Foo –


Mark is a very recent find for me and I have only read his posts through email and other bloggers blogs due to a problem with his site. I think he will be one to watch this year.

Posts by Mark:

Positive Thinking – Why You Need It To Succeed

25 Ways To Influence Others

How To Raise Your Self-Esteem By Acknowledging And Accepting Yourself

47. Brett –


Brett is young blogger in every sense and I love his style of writing and the way he is not afraid to use new media to get through to his audience. A lot of people will now brett through his comments and his blog, only a few months old, will be huge in 2010.

Posts by Brett:

How To Disarm Fear

Presence Makes Everything You Do A Celebration of Your Life

Memento and The Dark Side of Personal Development

48. Robin Dickinson –


Robin has been a great help to CYT over the last year and I only recently visited his blog and discovered how great it was. His writing is a mix of business and personal development and written with a very intelligent, and clear voice. I hope Robin makes it as big as he deserves.

Posts by Robin:

How leading bloggers write highly effect…

A perfect tweet

An incredibly effective writing formula

49. Nea –


nea's blog is about the law of attraction but definitely falls into the category of personal development. She has been seen a lot around CYT and I think her blog is a great place to spend some time and read her writing.

Posts by Nea:

Law of Attraction Bible Debate: Is It Against Your Religion?

Self Improvement Journey from Zero Talent to Extraordinary Success

Inspirational Story – Blind Mountain Hikers

50. Evelyn Lim –


The lovely Evelyn Lim has embraced the internet in all it's glory and uses it for her business, her life coaching and her writing. Her writing is focused on the law of attraction and there are some great articles over there.

Posts by Evelyn:

How To Love Yourself In 17 Ways

A Random Act of Kindness: 15 Ideas To Kickstart Your Intention

Reduce Junk Food Cravings in Only 9 Minutes

51. Alex Fayle –


Alex is another blogger who I found out about through twitter and I am so glad I did. His posts are infrequent but they are worth reading when they come out. If he is still into blogging and posts regularly he has a hit on his hands.

Posts by Alex:

Resolving to Be Happier: The Happiness Project

Dealing with Detours & Limited Visibility: Planning vs Living

Course Changes on the Someday Journey: Reorienting Goals

52. Timothy Enalls –


Timothy has been supporting CYT for a few months now and with his comments I have followed his blog and I think he will make it big and be one to watch for 2010.

posts by Timothy:

12 Fundamentals of Instant Charisma

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Greatest Message to the World

9 Powerful Techniques for Persuading People

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