50 Fantastic Free eBooks to Enhance Your Online Business

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When I first started reading ebooks way back at the end of the 1990's I didn't ever think there would be a time when there would be free, valuable,  information on the net.   It's only when Rich Schefren and Eben Pagan started moving "˜The Free Line'  that things really started moving.   Then of course, more recently, Frank Kern started releasing his free videos packed full of information for marketers and entrepreneurs to help start and drive your business forward.

I have scoured the net for more recent bloggers and businesses who have released ebooks and manifestos to help others drive their businesses forward.

It's an approach I am now taking and will be releasing 2 free ebooks before the end of the year which will be packed full of great info.   For now I will share some of the best ebooks I have read which you can grab for free (you might have to sign up for some of them but believe me they are worth your email address), Also I have not set the links to open a new tab (not got my faithful Dreamweaver here in Turkey)   so right click each link and click on 'open in new tab':

50 Fantastic Free eBooks to Enhance Your Online Business

  1. Rich Schefren "“ The attention Age Doctrine Part 2
  2. Dave Navarro "“ 7 Steps to Networking Your Way to A-Listers Fast
  3. Jonathan Fields "“ The Firefly Manifesto
  4. Chris Guillebeau "“ A Brief Guide to World Domination
  5. Jonathan Mead "“ The Zero Hour Workweek
  6. Seth Godin "“ 7 Ways to Reinvent Yourself
  7. Michael Martine "“ How to Start a Business Blog
  8. Daniel Scocco "“ Make Money Blogging
  9. John Chow "“ Make Money Online
  10. Rich Schefren "“ Internet Business Manifesto
  11. Ben Tiggelaar "“ Dream, Dare, Do
  12. David Risley "“ 6 Figure Blogging Blueprint
  13. Jens P Berget "“ Successful Traffic Generation Strategies
  14. Diva Marketing "“ Social Media Marketing GPS
  15. Dave Navarro "“ 7 Simple Income Streams (That You Can Actually Create)
  16. Chris Guillebeau "“ 279 Days to Overnight Success
  17. David Shay "“ Podcasting Secrets unleashed
  18. Rich Schefren "“ The Missing Chapter
  19. Seth Godin – Insubordinate
  20. Mark Levy "“ The Fascination factor (and How You Can Use it to Write Books)
  21. Strategic Generation "“ Online Professional Branding
  22. Alex Makarski "“ Internet Marketing A – Z
  23. Zac Johnson "“ How You Can Be the next $100,000 blogger
  24. Mike Smith "“ Guide to Guerrilla Freelancing
  25. Skellie "“ Rockstar Personal Branding
  26. Rich Schefren "“ The final Chapter
  27. ConversationAgent – Twittertales
  28. Valerie Maltoni "“ Why Blog + 25 Tips to Make it Work
  29. Colin Wright "“ Personal Branding
  30. David Parrish "“ T-Shirts and Suits A Guide to the Business of Creativity
  31. WebWorkerDaily (Various) "“ How to Escape The Cubicle
  32. Chitika "“ Deep Secrets of Successful Blogging
  33. Seth Godin "“ The Tribes Casebook
  34. John Jantsch "“ Lets talk Social Media for the Small Business
  35. Rich Schefren "“ The Maven Matrix Manifesto
  36. Scott Ginsberg "“ 203 Things I've Learned about, Writing, Marketing and Selling eBooks
  37. David Meerman Scott "“ The New rules of PR
  38. Michaeal Cheney "“ Top 20 Traffic Disasters to Avoid
  39. Kathrien Ahn "“ How to be Positive When Things Suck
  40. Jay Conrad Levinson "“ A Guide to Guerrilla marketing for Consultants (oldie but goodie)
  41. Laura Vanderkam "“ 168 Hours: The Blank Slate of Time
  42. Chris Garrett "“ Killer Flagship Content
  43. Peter Antonio "“ Endless Micro Niche Markets
  44. Willie Crawford "“ How to Make a Fortune Offering Freelance Consulting
  45. Kok Choon –   The ultimate Six Figures Strategy Guide
  46. Ewan Chia "“ Secrets of Internet Business
  47. John Chow "“ The Ultimate Blog Profit Model
  48. Rob Brooks "“ How to Be Aamzing on Youtube
  49. Mike Enlow "“ Masters of Marketing
  50. GeekPreneur "“ A Geeks Guide to Promoting Yourself   in 140 Characters or Less

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