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5 Ways To Redefine Your Inner Awesome

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There comes a time in our lives where we feel like we have ran into a dead end, happiness is farfetched, and your life's purpose has taken on a undefined meaning. Going through your day becomes a struggle as the weight of the outer world feels as if it is taken a rest on your shoulder. Depression, anxiety, and illness can arise when these emotions come to the surface after being unexpressed for so long. From time to time it is wise to check in with our inner selves and inquire as to what areas need attention and build a course of action from there.

Redefining our lives takes hard work and is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself. This process reignites your personal power, and stimulates growth. Life changes can be hard and knock you out of alignment when we don't understand or have control over our life's shift. Becoming aware and identifying triggers that do not reflect your inner awesome is the first step to creating an atmosphere of inner and outer peace.

In my life I have felt silenced by my own inner critic, and fears or the expectations of what was placed on me. I stayed at jobs that were not completely fulfilling and I even said yes when I was dying to say no. All of that came to a skid in the road halt when I began to pull back those layers and define me for me. Look in to your life today with and if you feel that you have hit a brick wall; you definitely need to redefine some things and claim your awesomeness right this instant.

inner_awesomeHere are 5 ways to redefine your inner awesome

1. Define yourself– Get to know who you really are without holding on who you were taught to be. Think about the things that you like, and bring you so much joy. Locate the things that set your soul a fire and cultivate, and cling to it. Think about your values system, and focus more on the inner things that make you the awesome person that you are.

2. Act likes a success– If you have failed I am going to need you to stop beating yourself up and leverage of the experience. Every time you fail you are at a winning edge, so put your best face forward and act like a total success you are getting ready to strike gold soon.

3. Don't worry about what others think– Trying to please people is a waste of time because they will never be satisfied and you will always be on the losing end. You will lose time, energy, and opportunity. People will always judge you whether you're doing right, or wrong, so keep your eyes focused on what truly matters.

4. Be compassionate towards yourself– Don't be so hard on yourself, the same love and admiration that you give to others; return that same love to yourself. Inflicting self-pain will stifle your advancement. Begin to add a self-love into your daily meal plan. Become your own best friend and proclaim your worthiness.

5. Change your words– Don't allow yourself to speak words that devalue who you are. Words are powerful and they manifest the more you speak them. Your mind may pick a word that is not negative but you have the power to reprogram your thoughts, and watch what you let come out of your mouth. Let your words be soothing, and edifying, and positive.

Now that you have a base start to redefining your inner awesome I want to hear one way that you are creating new and overcoming barriers that may be currently placed in your way. Let's turn that dead in road into a yellow brick road leading you back home.

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