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5 Uncommon Habits That Completely Changed My Life

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Meditating After my Morning Coffee

Meditation is one of those essential habits that successful people have been doing for a long time but have only recently been talking about. It seems like every week a new study comes out touting the benefits of developing a meditation practice yet, people are still reluctant to get into it. Probably the biggest reason for this is because it is surprising difficult. Most people have high expectations which lead to frustration, which ultimately leads to them giving up entirely. Somewhat serendipitously though, I have discovered a perfect hack for busy people who want to easily develop a meditation practice.

Although at first it might seem counterintuitive, meditating after your morning cup of coffee is a perfect combination. First, it gives you a trigger point on when to start meditating which would be right after you finish your morning coffee. Second, caffeine puts you in a euphoric state which helps you relate meditation to feeling good. Lastly, it will give you the mental focus to keep your mind calm and quite. I've been practicing mediation for quite a while now and nothing has been more effective then caffeine so I would highly recommend experimenting with it.

5_habitsListening to Podcasts

I am amazed at how few people take advantage of podcasts. I can't think of any part of my life that hasn't been greatly improved with their assistance. Podcasts are a free resource that gives you the ability to explore your interests and learn more about topics that you care about which from my personal experience, can completely change the direction of your life. If you have a smart phone and some headphones there is nothing you can't learn with the help of podcasts.

Skipping Breakfast

Otherwise known as a style intermittent fasting, skipping breakfast has completely changed my relationship toward my body and food. Although some people might disagree, for me and vast majority of other people, intermittent fasting is a lifestyle with many benefits. By skipping breakfast you train your body to burn its own body fat for energy instead of relying heavily on glucose which you would otherwise get from eating carbohydrates in the morning. I've notice that some pretty remarkable things happen when you start skipping breakfast. After your body adapts to this style of intermittent fasting which usually takes about a week, you should notice an increase in mental clarity, a drastic drop in hunger throughout the entire day, and an ability to easily lose weight. Although this may not work for everyone it is definitely worth trying.

Sleeping on the Ground

Sleeping on the ground is something that our species has been doing since day one. Sleeping in beds on the other hand is a habit that is relatively new and has some unexpected downsides. By sleeping in super soft beds our bodies are more prone to staying in the same positions for too long, which over time can start to change the shape of our bodies and more importantly our spines. Chronic stiffness and back pain is becoming an epidemic and one of the major causes could be sleeping in beds. Once I began sleeping on some blankets on the floor I was amazed about how good my back and body felt in the mornings. I didn't really realize the chronic stiffness I had developed until I woke up one day without it. Although it might seem difficult at first, sleeping on the floor could do more for your body and back then pain killers or physical therapy.

Floatation Therapy

Floatation therapy is something that has been around since the 50's but has only recently gained in popularity and for good reasons. Floating is where you enter into what is known as a float tank or pod that is filled with about 10 inches of water and around 800 pounds of Epsom salt that is regulated to 35.5 degrees celsius (which is the average person's body temperature). Once you're in the tank you close the door and it is pitch black, silent, it feels like your floating through space, and after a while you begin to lose the sensation of your own body. The benefits seem to be all encompassing from a holistic stand point ranging from chronic pain relief, PTSD relief, improving sleep, overcoming addiction, well as mental and even spiritual exploration. It is still quite a mystery as to why floating is so effect over so many different areas but the benefits are very real and it is definitely a habit worth getting into.

Although these habits may seem unusual and even counterintuitive, they do carry with them the ability to completely change the way you think and feel which means they are worth at least experimenting with.

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