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5 Things To Remind Yourself When You Are In Doubt

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As I've said before, there is no guidebook for life. We are gifted with parents and culture that can show us right and wrong, but after that we are left on our own. We have all been in a situation where everyday can feel like a struggle, and it's not easy to know or fully understand the paths we should take; there are plenty of people who can aid and influence us to make the right decisions, but ultimately we are the only one's who can pull the trigger. I wanted to give you a few tips for the next time you have to make some decisions – and remember, just breathe! It's gonna be ok!

Feet wearing red shoes on black background with question marks. choice concept1. Everything is temporary

All day to day decisions come from a personal compound, an instinctive formula and pattern that allows you to survive to the best of your natural ability. We use this instinct to make impulsive decisions as well as one's that affect our long term decisions making. As we go through the ebb and flow of life we have already learned that there is a bright side to everything, and that no matter what, we can come out on top. That's because everything is temporary. I guarantee you, that whatever decisions you make today will certainly affect your life today, but in a few years from now it will just be something to laugh about. So go ahead, make a few mistakes – and laugh about it later.

2. Write down your pros and cons

This is so important. People think it's adventurous and exciting to make split second decisions, hoping it will make them feel young and brave again – but then the regret sets in. We feel like we decided too quickly, and buyer's remorse feels particularly profound when it's something we can't return, like a job change or relationship change. You need to spend more time seriously considering your options. Writing down your ideas gives you time away from outside affectors and lets you enjoy your brainstorming space, giving you a visual outlet for all the crazy synapses happening in your brain. You can have a viewable chart from which to make your decisions on. The problem is some people do this but leave this tactic aside for big, important decisions. Not necessary. Make it a better part of your routine, and you will find your day-to-day decision making improve, and enhance your whole life. Start writing today!

3. Make decisions from a happy place

If you are on the verge of a big or even a small decision, make sure you are in a good place to do so. Don't make impulsive decisions from the seat of your car. It's good to make instinctive decisions based on your intrinsic feelings, but sometimes we are moody or have good and bad days, which can affect our short term judgement. If you're going to make a choice soon, make sure you are level headed. If you're too excited, you might make an impulsive choice – if you're upset, you might procrastinate until you've over-thought it to death. So go back to #2, have a nice warm drink, and clear your mind.

4. Ask for help

This is particularly difficult for some men to follow, but something I have been trying to be better at. We all think we know what's best for us, but sometimes a little nudge from the side doesn't help. We tend to be stubborn or withdrawn, hoping the solution will magically come to us in a dream. Not always so. Don't be afraid to let down your guard and call up a friend or mentor who could help you. They may have thought of a perspective so completely different to yours that you would have never thought of it. In that case, good thing you asked! If your friend has a nouveau solution that really helps, you will thank yourself later for asking.

5. Be determined

If you've gone ahead with your choice, then hopefully that's the end and there's no regret needed. Strengthen your intuition by daily affirmations that your choice was the right one. You don't need to overthink it, but you must stay the course now. Remove doubt from your mind and go with the flow. Remember, everything is temporary, and there is a fix for every situation if you went astray. But most importantly, you should always be proud of your choices. Best case scenario is everything works out; worst case, you've just learned something new to apply to yourself for the rest of your life – which helps you and everyone around you. So be strong!

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