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5 Signs You're On The Edge Of A Major Shift

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Life has been moving along pretty nicely for awhile. Work, home life, kids, outside interests. Day in and day out, life goes on and for the most part, it's been pretty good. Suddenly you start feeling different. Things are shifting. Your days suddenly seem like they are missing something. There is something funky going on and you can't quite put your finger on it. You could be on the edge of a major shift.

According to research and human studies, every 7 years we go through a new life cycle. This could be a growth spurt, a mindset shift or anything else of that nature. You might be right at the very edge of your own major life shift. But how would you know for sure?

change1. You're starting to feel antsy.

Your work, your career, the way you make money, and everything else to do with your job and your income is suddenly up for question . You've had this job for awhile and you've been satisfied with it, for the most part, no major complaints but for the last few months now, something is off. It just doesn't feel right anymore. You feel like you should be doing more or something else.

2. You are no longer interested in hanging with your group of friends.

You are realizing that they are stagnating and you are progressing, if even only in your mind right now. Your thought processes lately are very expansive. You are looking into bigger and bolder things in life. You are more interested in personal development or growing as a person spiritually or maybe even professionally and your friends just aren't on that same thought pattern.

3. That feeling.

There is some commotion going on in your gut. Almost an anxiety or restlessness that you can't quite put your finger on. It's been stirring for awhile now and it's almost forcing you to take some sort of action, any action. Nothing sits right anymore and anything you want to do or try to do just doesn't seem right. The things you used to do that seemed normal suddenly feel useless and like time wasted.

4. Your interests have changed.

It used to be loads of fun to go in the park and fly a kite. For some reason, it just doesn't interest you anymore. Whatever that thing is that is stirring in your gut is constantly reminding you and telling you that things are changing and you need to start rolling with the changes. Things that you never used to give any thought to whatsoever are suddenly coming up for you as things you might want to explore.

5. Research and read.

You are finding yourself spending more time on the internet surfing sites and in the library reading up on different things. different countries, different people, different lifestyles. You have acquired some unexplainable thirst of knowledge for things. cultures, people, things, food, animals, you name it, your mind is wandering. Something is going on. You are on a must know journey.

That feeling mentioned in #3 is very undeniable. It gnaws at you, poke s at you and will not leave you alone for one moment until you address it. When we are on the edge of a shift, we feel it at a vibrational level as well. The energy around you, your body is real and you feel it. That's the energy that is telling you to move. It is trying to bring awareness to you that you need to move and until you do, it will continue to vibrate, quite loudly, until you act upon it. To explain it simpler, it's that gut feeling, magnified. Pay attention to it, address it, find out what it is and act on it.

There is something shifting in you and around you and it's your life. It is calling to you for change. Major change. Don't fear it, embrace it.

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