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5 Powerful Ways I Can Will Change Your Life

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How many times do you catch yourself saying I can't before you've even given any thought to whether or not you can? For many of us, it's just easier to say these two words and carry on with our day. What we don't realize is that whatever it was that we just said we can't to, we actually probably could do but we don't even try first. Saying no or I can't is instant. It just pops right out. No thought, no guessing, no questioning. I can't.

Did you know, however, that saying I can has the power to totally change your life? It's a scary thought. It makes us get out of our comfort zone. The place of coziness, com fort and eternal safety. How long do we really want to stay in that place for though? Many of us desperately want to do things, many things, we're just too damned scared, so we say I can't. Hopefully after you've read through this article, you will clear your mind of I can't and turn it into I can.

I_canLet's look at some of the powerful ways saying I can will completely change your life.

1. Personal satisfaction.

I love this. Take, for example, zip lining. For the longest time you've wanted to but you kept making up excuses why you couldn't until one day you finally did. You finally stopped saying oh I can't, grabbed your gear and away you went. Upon landing you felt the biggest surge of triumph. You did it. What a feeling. It's a feeling that will leave you wanting more. The more things you finally say I can to, the more personal satisfaction you will experience. And besides, isn't that what life is all about?

2. Broaden your horizons.

Who doesn't want to do that? Learn more, explore more, do more, be more. When we start saying I can, we experience more of what life has to offer us. We don't stay locked up in our house watching life pass us by. Say I can. Go live life and try new things.

3. Push the envelope.

Sometimes we say I can't to things simply because we are scared of doing it or trying something new.   Many of us are just afraid of failure and the embarrassment that is attached to that. Let it go. You won't f ail, you will have an adventure, at best, but there is no failing hence no embarrassment. Besides, who cares what others think? It's your life, not theirs.

4. Pump up your power.

There is a tremendous surge of power that goes along with saying I can. Try it and you'll see. For so long you've been saying I can't and stayed in your cozy little shell but when you are finally ready to come out and say I can, the euphoria is off the charts. Such a victorious moment. You will suddenly feel unstoppable and believe that you are capable of doing and achieving anything. It's great, really.

5. You are limitless.

Once you start saying I can, you will realize that there have been many things you've been saying I can't to and you will certainly want to start saying I can to all those things. You will want to try things, do things, and feel internal personal power and satisfaction. You will even look for different things to do and try. The sky and your own thoughts are the only limits you have.

We know that this is the only life we have. We also know that staying in our comfort zone is just so easy. Life begins outside of that zone though. We know that too. Before you are quick to jump and say I can't, give it a bit more thought and then try saying I can and watch how magically your life will unfold.

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