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5 Instant Ways To Look More Confident

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Have you ever sat around with a coffee at a cafe, noticing all the well dressed people walking around town? You could be wearing your Sunday best too, but there is a certain type of people that just easily stand out from the crowd. It could be their polished shoes, straight blazers or new haircuts, or could be none of those things – it could just be the way they walk!

Someone's whole image can be defined by the way they display their confidence in their step. Showing confidence is the best way to secure new jobs and make great first impressions. Studies have shown that strong confidence is the key to success in almost every type of positive social interactions. Take a look at some of the easy things you can do to show more confidence throughout the day.

confidence21. Straighten your posture with this easy trick

People react to good posture positively, so the first thing you can do to put the oompf back in your step, is to correct your posture immediately. We admire people who have good posture because when we see adults with poor posture we believe it is still a sign that they have not overcome issues from when they were younger. People develop their posture while they are young, and we are all familiar with the image of a slouching teenager. Maybe we've all been!

Adults with good posture are somehow admirable to us because they have overcome the little things and taken charge of life. A trick that soldiers use in the army to remind their body to keep their back straight is to walk with your thumbs pointed forward. It seems silly, but it works! Are you trying it now? It's a little body trick that helps erect your back, and no one will notice how silly look since you can do it incognito.

2. Walk into the room with a smile

One of the greatest tips I learned at a young age to differentiate myself from other people was to always walk into a room with a smile. This separates you from all the other individuals that people see. You look approachable, friendly and inviting.

Whenever I'm about to enter a room, I think of something funny to myself – anything silly from the day or maybe a little joke I saw on the internet earlier. It aims to throw a quick smile on my face (whether or not I'm having a good day), and is easy to throw aside in your head after you've started chatting with others. Because with a smile like yours, everyone will be wanting to talk with you!

3. Find your best look

It helps to be confident if we feel confident about ourselves. If you're about to do something with some people, or want to be seen in public, go with what looks best for you – leave the experimentation at home. Alternatively, if you're comfortable with your appearance, try to do something a little different for once; the new you might make you feel particularly snazzy! (Just try not to think about it all day when you're out!)

4. Leave the worries at home

People can tell when you're upset. It could be the "I'm fine," (we all know what that means), or just an unconscious thinking face, but they can see. If you want to look confidence, please leave your thoughts at home. Focus on the moment of the day you are in now and enjoy it the most you can. Worrying does not fix the past or future, but it does stop you from enjoying the present.

5. Own the day!

You're out, you're about, you're with people. Take the day! If you have to continuously remind yourself to smile and look up, do it. It works. If you have to play comedies in your head all day to keep a smile and your back straight, do it. Smiling is contagious and it works in reverse – the more you smile and enjoy, the better you will feel too!

Confidence is all in your head. You don't even have to be confident to look confident. Just stand up straight with a smile, don't be afraid to look someone in the eyes, and shake hands firmly. Even if you're having a bad day, follow these ideas and people will be none the wiser!

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