5 Amazing ways to drive traffic to your site Part 3 – Video Marketing

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This is the third part of the series '5 amazing ways to drive traffic to your sites'. You can the other 2 parts in the series:

Part 1 – Article marketing

Part 2 – Social marketing

Today I am going to talk about video marketing as a way to drive sales to your sites.   This is something I have recently got into and am loving making the videos and I'm finding out better ways of improving my click through rate from the video site to my site.

video_marketingWhat is video marketing?

Video marketing is about making a video with some software, which we will discuss later, and uploading it to the major video sharing sites, with the obvious one being youtube.   Here is a list of other video sharing sites:

This list was compiled by

The biggest and possibly the best for traffic generation is of course and you can get hundreds of click throughs every month if you have a good video with good content.

How to make a video?


Some people might not be keen on making videos as they think it is too hard, let me tell you it's easy after the learning curve of making your first one is over.   There is software out there which is great for making high quality videos such as Camtasia which is packed full of features, you can get a free trial here Camtasia free trial

There are also sites online which can help you make videos:

I have used Animoto from the above list and have to say it's excellent for making videos from photographs or slideshows.

If you really get into making videos for driving traffic you will come across three different types of video:

The professional video

You will see the difference straight away with professional videos and you can tell theat money has been spent on the production of it.   However you need not spend a fortune and still get a high quality, professional looking video.   Here is one I made for around $200

To make a video like this you can get stock video clips from use a program like camtasia put them altogether, add some music, add a vice narrative and you have a professional looking video.

The power-point video

Obviously the video above have lots of different clips put together, but you can use camtasia for presenting power point presentations with music in the background.   Here is an example of that

Recording yourself

You can also use videos of yourself speaking about various topics such as this one:

As you can see there are lots of video types you can use to upload to video sharing sites.   The quickest and easiest one to do is recording yourself and putting it up online.   If you are going to do this make sure you have a script and rehearse it a few times before making the video.

Video sharing tips

  • Make sure to watermark your videos with your web address in it, this serves two purposes: people watching the video can type in your web address to visit your site; other people cannot steal your video for their own purposes i.e. to put on their website.
  • In the description box of your video type in the full web address you want people to visit.   In youtube this will come up as a link and viewers can click directly to your site.
  • Piggy back off popular videos in your field.   In youtube you can make a video response to a popular video. So for example if you are trying to get people to your site which is about personal development do a quick search in youtubefor "˜personal   development' and sort by date.   Most videos which have recently been uploaded will have had hardly any views, keep going down the list until you find one which has received a lot of views in the last few weeks and post a video response to it, which will be your video. The reason we want recent videos which have received a lot of views is that video is on the way up and people are obviously sending it to their friends and family so you can catch the traffic as that video starts to go viral.   When people view the viral video they will see your video response and you will get residual traffic from them.   You can also post a video response to a video which has already gone viral i.e. 100,000 views or more, however you will be sharing the traffic as other people will have posted a video response as well.
  • Have lots of different accounts set up in the most popular video sharing sites.   This way you can leave comments and vote your video up with all the different accounts you have, which means it will receive more views which means more clickthroughs to your site.
  • Make sure to use tags to tag your videos, this will help others find you when they are searching the major search engines.

I hope this post has given you some ideas about the power of video marketing to drive traffic to your sites and to get you known as an expert in your field.   If you have any successes or any stories about video marketing please let us know by leaving a comment.

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