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5 Actionable Ways to Stay Motivated During Seasonal Changes

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With all you've been through are you looking for ways to stay motivated?

If so I have developed some tips that will help you navigate through your life's journey.

In the Southern Hemisphere we have entered a new season this year; autumn. A time of full maturity, or it's early decline. During this season the atmosphere changes it's appearance allowing one to appreciate a different type of beauty.

Gazing upon natures new aura take a moment and think of the changes you have experienced over the year. You may be moving to a new job, launching a new business, or restructuring an existing one. Whatever the project is it takes time and effort and along the way you can and will lose motivation.

So here is how I've been able to stay motivated as season changes and obstacles come.

1. Find your passion= Finding your purpose.

I can't say this enough find what your most passionate about doing and DO IT. The thing that brings you the most euphoric joy when your in the midst of it. Ask yourself how does doing what I love empower me and those I come in contact with. Finally ask yourself what tangible benefits will I see by doing what I love.

2. Build your confidence muscle.

This is a big one not everyone was born with the solid I am the bomb diggity muscle. Look in the mirror daily and feed yourself with positive affirmations this is a great way to believe in yourself and silence the negative enemy in your mind. Conduct a life assessment review all the things you've been through, you will discover a strength bridge that brought you over.

3. Keep gaining experience.

As you conduct your life audit become aware of your skill set. What are you an expert at? Learn your skill by doing whatever you desire to do get out there and do it. Don't wait for opportunities create them and watch opportunities find you. Take courses that will expand your knowledge and invest in yourself. I almost forgot connect with what resonates with you.

4. Build a support system

Connections are great when they leave you feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to take action. Find those who have been where you're trying to go and build a relationship. Bring something to the table because in any relationship you must give and not only take.

5. Take joy in your journey.

With all your plans and dreams don't forget to experience joy. Have fun knowing that all roads lead to opportunity and more creation. Detach from how you think things should be and just enjoy the ride.

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