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4 Things to Do when Life is Trying to Rip Your Very Soul Away from You

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Sometimes it feels like life is literally trying to rip your very soul away from you.

I still remember my very first heartbreak and how everything feel apart that month. My car broke down, I lost a competition that I was emotionally invested in winning, my step-grandfather died shortly after my grandmother. My other grandfather even had a stroke and that same day I found out I learned that my uncle was about to have a serious surgery.

I even remember how I tried to cope with it all: through running. I ran 5 miles in 46 minutes and shattered my previous record of an hour. Unfortunately, I nearly shattered my ankle because I was pushing myself so hard. After pushing myself so hard to get in the best shape of my life, BAM! A whole month of exercise sucked away from me, and another healthy coping mechanism lost.

life_is_trying_to_rip_your_very_soul_awayIt felt like life itself was once again coming after me. After working so hard to escape depression and to start working on actually bettering myself, life seemed to take notice and didn't like it. Life had decided to resume its sadistic pleasure in seeing just how much I could take.

This time, however, it felt like I wasn't as alone as I had always been. Not only that, but I was a lot stronger of a person this time. I had other coping methods that I had developed to dig myself out of depression with that still help reduce stress for me today. I would like to share four of my methods that I use.

I'm Stronger Than This

One thing I do that helps, is to just tell myself that I can keep going. That I can overcome this. I will even stand in front of a mirror, look myself in my eyes reflection, and tell myself "You can get through this."

When things are really tough, I'll even add a song to it and sing along with it. My neighbors probably hate me, but they'll get over it. The songs I like to use are songs like:
Monster "“ Skillet
Animal I Have Become "“ Three Days Grace
Break "“ Three Days Grace
Get Thru This "“ Art of Dying

The reason I do this is to replace any kind of negative thoughts that I might have about myself or my situation.

I heard a quote from Dr. Phil in Jr. High that resonated with me. The quote is "It takes 1,000 "˜Atta boys' to overcome one "˜You're worthless and no good.'"

This is it's so important to give yourself positive messages so you don't build up a mountain of poisonous affirmations that needs a colossal amount of antidote to cure.

Quest for Happiness

Another mind hack to trick your brain is to simply seek happiness. There are infinite ways to do this. Some things I use are music, writing, internet memes, volunteering at animal shelters and many more.

Then there is a mind hack that feels like cheating! This life cheat code is the concept of the "˜Happy Ball'. I got this from the following video:

In the video is a person named Johnny Soporno. In it he does an interview where he talks about his ideas of love and happiness. The best part is when he starts talking about his "˜Happy Ball'. I fully recommend watching that part which starts around the 17 minute mark and takes roughly 10 minutes to go through.

Not only will it make you laugh and smile, but, you will also gain something invaluable after. Go pull it up in another tab so it will load for when you're finished reading this article.

Hulk Up

Get angry.

Take that raw emotion, that power, and funnel it into a goal that you have. You will improve quickly and for a brief moment in time you will be an unstoppable monstrosity of power. A force of nature that cannot and will not be put down. In terms of feeling free, there is nothing in the world that can compare and it can even become addicting. So Hulk Up and"¦

Discover Your Purpose

When you have a clear purpose in life, something that gives your life meaning, nurture it. Nurture that goal and the belief that you can achieve it.

When you have something that fills you with passion it becomes a buffer against pain and sorrow. It helps to keep your attention focused on it rather than the pain and suffering that you would otherwise be focusing on. Now, don't get me wrong, you definitely need to feel out your feelings and even have a good cry, but don't wallow in self-pity. It's extremely difficult to focus on much of anything when it seems like life itself is trying to torture you, but it's next to impossible if you don't have something to live for. When you have something to live for, it gives you the strength to keep moving forward and when life gives you pain your purpose gives you freedom.

So cultivate your life's purpose, it will save your life.

Your Own Amazing Life is Waiting

I could go on and on about different stress relievers but it would help you and others far more for you to comment your own story about something that helps you. Not only could you help save someone else's life, you may just save your own by connecting with other people. That's ultimately what will make you happy, is to develop incredible bonds with others. Be a hero for someone else and the same hero you yourself need and gain something powerful in return. Share your own story.

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